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Ector County Independent School District Reviews

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Ector County ISD is a good school district, they work hard to achieve excellence although like every other school district it has little flaws they can correct.
I do like how traditional everything is. Permian is very big on traditional things such as the bonfires, and the band walking through the halls along with aour school song.
The Ector County Independent School District has changed over the years but for the better. We have better academics and good college readiness. People leave ready for college and prepared. Teachers aren’t the best but there are some good ones that will help you out no matter what. We always have activities to do for the school and the schools are very safe. Well safe as they can be. The administration in the schools make sure all the kids are safe in the school.
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My overall experience with Ector County Independent School District has been alright for the most part but I would like to see better staff. They are always short on teachers and staff and therefore, most classes are overcrowded leading to poor academics. The food is disgusting and the facilities are old. They need to make new high schools because they're all so crowded.
Most of the teachers are wonderful but once i got into highschool, it seemed as if the goal was to pass, and not actually learn anything. So the drive to learn was not there anymore and most teachers seemed to not have that drive as well.
the high schools are too focused on sports and their players future in college and not everyone else
They always seem to make sure that parents are informed about their child, especially when things may be very dangerous or at risk!
Teacher involvement with students. My daughter was consistently counted absent when she was there. We had to call and get it straightened out a lot. Light homework on Wednesdays for kids who attend church.
Permian High school is a challenging high school experience.I have great teachers that assist me with all of my educational needs. I am honored to participate in a great athletics program, including track, basketball, and volleyball. I have the opportunity to participate in diverse studies with different ethnic groups. I am in AP classes and find my educational experience rewarding and fun. they are helping to prepare me for my higher education goals and to succeed in the nation's work force. As a sophomore, I am learning how to apply for scholarships and how to plan my college experience.My administration staff supports me in my goals and communicates effectively with my parents and grand parents about my progress thus far. I have the opportunity to enroll in dual enrollment classes at my local community college to start my college experience early. I feel very blessed to have such a great support system and academic institution.
My experience as a student a part of the Ector County Independent School District has been very good. There have been some difficulties regarding transfers, due to my family and I wanting to go to a different school than the one I was assigned to by the district. But, the solution was solved as I asked for a transfer request. Overall, ECISD looks towards the future which is something I appreciated.
I am a senior in high school, and I have been going to school in the Ector County Independent School District since kindergarten. I've never had any major complaints about the district, however I would like to see an improvement in college readiness and higher quality food.
I've been in this school district as long as I've stepped foot into a school. It has many great resources and academics. All extra activates have the finest coaches and mentors. Sports are very big and it is a major "no pass, no play" rule and that's one of my favorite things because it is putting education first. All in all Ector County Independent School District is very safe and friendly environment. Some things I would like to see change is a happier atmosphere between students and teachers. Also more teachers and staff paying attention to students needs and parents concern. One last thing is for all sports, academics, and clubs to be treated equally and get the same amount of time, money, and respect as all the others.
Self evident by Friday Night Lights, this district only caries about football baby. Thus more money is given to athelitcs than academics. We got a movie, book, and a tv show o yea baby! Permian permian permian.
My experience with ector county district comes from me being a senior this year. There are great parts of this district including the people there. The issues they can fix are the food and the broadness of education
i go to a college prep school and we are pushed by every teacher to a breaking point with little to no care about how we react under all of this pressure. you are expected to hold a job participate in at least two extracurricular activities get straight A's and be completely happy with pulling yourself out past what you should have to as a high school student. with all of this being said it is a school that has very good academics and keeps you prepared for "the real world"
I am from New Tech Odessa High School, and administration in this school is horrible. They say everyone is equal when they themselves treat everyone different. Not just involving students, but also teachers and I have seen this a lot. I believe that everyone should be equal does not matter where they come from, another thing we are the only school that is not able to go out for lunch, not even Seniors while the rest of the schools all do.
I've been in Ector CountyISD my whole life. From elementry to high school I've been token care of by all my teachers. They cared about my academic and personal success.
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I would like more teachers to be more helpful and understanding. Also, I would like teachers to have a good attitude instead of a bad one when a student ask for help on homework, class work etc.
Ector County Independent school district is terrible. I started here at the school close to the end of my sophomore year. The school then was alright but there is just to many kids in this school for teachers to keep up with. There are so many fights, that teachers cannot handle. Walking into my senior year is terrible too. Permian use to have lots of sprite but now we got a new principle and he is terrible too.
I liked my teachers and programs like New Tech and use technology. I would change the on campus lunch situation. Too many people in the lunches.
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