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I like how everything is going the teachers are well over protective about the students. The games we play are well educational but hard.
I have some up and downs with the school but overall they help me become a better person in general. Also they set me up for my senior year an also for college.
Great overall experience here. Awesome learning environment. Has a homey feeling to it and everyone is close to one another.
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Ecorse Public School is a satifactoring school good academic programs. We have C2 Pipeline from Wayne State which helps student for tutoring and college material. We also have a Tv/ Production class where students will learn how work and understand the concepts of filming and hands on with cameras. We have great sport teams like football, volleyball, track, basketball, baseball and much more. What I would like to see change is more students been enrolled into the school and our programs.
i liked that the teachers take their time to help you get great grades and really teach you. they stay connected with you outside of school as well.
My experience at Ecorse Public Schools was great. While attending this district I've came across caring teachers and helpful staff members that help students achieve overall goals in which they want to achieve in life.
I've had a pretty good experience. Not the best but I've gotten a fair education. The staff is friendly , but administration is isn't quite as approachable.
My expirience at my high school was neutral. We had great teachers but the school lacked resources and money.
My experience at Ecorse Public Schools is good. I went to the elementary schools and now attend the high. Yes I know it's not the best of schools but I go there by choice. The school basically gets the stereotype of "ghetto kids" with no potential. Well that's far from the truth. Ecorse is full with talented kids and it needs to be recognized more than what it is. I attended Ecorse schools from gradea pre-k,1-4,7-10 (currently in the 10th). Since I been in school my gpa never was lower than a 3.6 and since 6th grade I managed to keep a 3.9/4.0. I really just love the city and that's why I stay. The teachers at the schools really care for the children that want to make it in life or have very good potential. They give kids ride to and back from school help them in any way the can to see them succeed. Ecorse public schools is really about success and the administration and staff wants nothing but the best out of the children there.
I would like a better Educational Board for Ecorse Public Schools. There can be an improvement and a better understanding of what a student needs.
The school is unorganized but overall an excellent school love it. This has been my 5 year attending ever since 8 in the high school and this is currently my senior year and I absolutely love it. The staff are always there for the kids and me personally my self I'm considering myself to become a teacher cause that's how much I love what the teachers at Ecorse high school has done for me. Also no matter what we want to do the make sure that we are the best at it
I have been going to Ecorse schools all my life. Right now I am in high school and I am a senior. Ecorse has its ups and downs, but overall Ecorse has a pretty good school system. The teachers try there best to teach us as much as they can in the school year. The extra curricular activities has improved some. The lunches are good, as well.
In my school I would like to see the students get more resources to learn such as books. In my school there is some resource, but basically only computers and me as a student doesn't want to look at a computer all day long.
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