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Eaton Rapids Public Schools Reviews

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It was a great place to grow up. We have the normal problems of a high school. The school offers a wide range of classes and sports, and is very supportive to any needs.
Eaton Rapids Public School is not the friendliest place for new students. Groups and established cliques are not welcoming and can be quite mean and rude. The first kids to welcome you in are the outsiders and the drug dealers. This is not good for students already dealing with the trauma of going to a new school, trying to meet new people and fit in.

I'm not impressed with the teachers at this school. They seem to have an I don't care if you pass, I still get paid attitude.

The good thing about this school is that it's small. Everyone knows everyone.
I love everything about my school, it's just a great environment! Teachers are more then willing to work one on one with students and adapt to the learning ways of students. The coursers are great and you can change your courses to help with future interest in college, in my opinion high school is a trial of college, it lets you try classes for free and find some interest like accounting, zoology, robotics, intro to computing and coding. my school just gives us the opportunity to find what we enjoy to further our schooling.
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The teachers are helpful and most are willing to work with you if you are having any problems. Bullying and drug use are some issues you may encounter.
I like how supportive the staff is in everyone's choices. I wouldn't fix anything about Eaton Rapids because I've been growing up here my whole life and I'm doing pretty good!
Eaton Rapids Public Schools teach in many different ways and makes sure most students are caught up. They make sure special needs students are placed in classrooms that have teachers with a special education background or in classes with a paraprofessional. I would like to see that they cancel school when needed in the winter though. If a majority of students and buses have problems driving in the snow or in the weather conditions, they need to consider delaying or canceling school for the safety of the students.
Some teachers don't really care if you pass or fail, they are just there for the job. There are many teachers there because they love the students and teaching them new things.
The school doesn't really prepare you for college. They also have a "dress code" bu t it only applies to certain people, the food sucks. Overall for a small town it is a good school but it could be better. Overall majority of the sports that are offered at the school are good.
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