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Wasn't too thrilled about Easton Highschool, but Notre Dame Highschool should be thee only Highschool in Easton. The tuition is costly, but the love and outstanding education makes up for the fee!
Easton Area High School has a great engineering and computer science program that I thoroughly enjoyed. The middle school was not so great. Unfortunately the school district itself does not seem to care as much in being open and honest with the public. They have a wide range of activities available for any students, no matter what grade they are in... They also have a mental health issue, that fortunately they had began to address lately, but personally do not think it's enough. Easton Area High School has many AP classes that is quite great for challenging students. The food in the middle school has drastically improved, and so did the food in the high school. For both the elementaries and middle schools, breakfast and lunch is free, which is certainly great that the school district is supporting the children in ensuring that they are properly fed.

There's a lot of ups and downs to this school district.
Easton area school district can be a great learning environment. We have a high diversity and sports are great around this school. If I could change something about the school it would be the some of the teachers. A lot of the teachers here are great but you hear about some that “barely teach” and I feel like with the journey that many teachers hear want us to succeed we should have teachers that are always dedicated to teach us and make sure that we learn and succeed in life. Other than that Easton area school district is perfect in their own ways and have dedications for our schools and students.
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I like the diversity, teachers and friends I’ve made. Easto’s academics have continued to challenge me and help me grow over the last four years. I have become a much more independent student and overall person thanks to Easton.
It has a very diverse atmosphere, there are many different types of people that attend the school. Sports and tradition are major influences in the district so it makes being apart of the school fun and interesting.
Easton Area High School an amazing school as a whole. My experience there from my freshman to senior year was filled with growth and outstanding support from all my teachers. My guidance counselor encouraged me to take bigger and better steps to further my education after high school and even help me take classes that would benefit me in the future. Easton is very big on academics and sports. The sports teams are amazing and the coaches are even teachers at Easton. To know that a teacher is so well rounded and versatile is a great thing to hear. I love it here and I hope that Easton excels in both academics and sports as the school already does.
My experience with Easton was certainly not a negative one. It is great to be a part of a large community that heavily prides themselves on tradition. As they say, "once you're a rover your that 'til it's over".
I currently attend Easton Area High School. I will be a senior in the fall and my experience here has been great. The school spirit is incredible and no matter what grade you are in, the football games are the highlights to every Friday night in the fall. The education aspect is great. I always feel comfortable asking my teachers for help and they are always great. There are, also, so many activities going on at the school and so many clubs you can join.
The tradition and culture of Easton is unparalleled and because of this not only the whole school, but the entire town and even people from other places come together to take part in our huge thanksgiving tradition. On Thanksgiving morning two rival schools separated by a river compete in the biggest high school football game in the nation. The amount of spectators fills a college football stadium. In the days prior to the game Easton seniors collect wood and build a huge bonfire as tall as the school, then they sleep out to protect it and burn it Wednesday night before the game the next morning.
Huge school and has it's moments some say it's overcrowded education is average probably due to amount of kids in the school district, middle school seems very good compared to high school but they have gave up up many jobs in past few years.
I had wonder 4 years at this high school. The teachers and staff one mission to make sure every Student gets a chance to make something of themselves.
I can guarantee you that no other school in the United States has as much tradition and school spirit as the Easton Area School District. With each class containing approximately 600 kids, the sports, academics, and traditions are plentiful and truly impacting in a positive way on the best years of your life. They hold the longest and largest high school football rivalry in the nation with Phillipsburg High School and celebrate each year with a 50 foot bonfire. They offer many academic and extra curricular opportunities as well as scholarships for those seeking further education. The schools are large and well kept with plenty of field trips and activities to keep the years exciting. The faculty and staff could not be more passionate. Also, Easton has plenty of connections with local colleges such as Lehigh University, Lafayette College, and Moravian College that provide excellent opportunities for students that are interested. It truly is the perfect school district.
Easton was always amazing for its tradition and diversity. It’s such a large school that to this day after 4 years I still meet new people regularly and everyone is so much themself. People look out for each other, the teachers are inspiring and push you to succeed in a way that makes you want to try hard in everything. It’s not hard to get involved since there’s clubs for everyone. You are guided with role models all around you and can make life lasting friends. The classes teach you abstract ways of thinking and develop your opinions and you as a person. The music program is amazing and brings people closer together. The sports teams are competitive and rank super well against other teams; school spirit runs deep. Wherever you excel, there is a place for you at Easton. And a whole bunch of friends waiting to enjoy those things with you. By the time you become a senior, you know firmly that you’ll miss it when you’re gone. Easton gives you something to come back to.
when you enter Easton you feel right at home. i am an incoming senior and my high school experience has been the greatest that i could ever imagine. from the students to the staff and the tradition and events that happen through the year will make your years unforgettable. easton is a very special place and i wouldn’t want to go to school anywhere else.
Despite the rumors about Easton while I was there it was a good place to learn. I currently know Japanese because of it and its a valuble skill that I have oicked up!
My Easton experience has been wonderful. The academics do, at times, leave something to be desired, but if you try your best to challenge yourself with harder classes, you will be pleasantly surprised. It is an incredibly diverse school, with many different athletic and club opportunities to explore. I feel adequately prepared for college, but will miss my high school days here.
It's an extremely diverse school with plenty of opportunities and so much to offer. Teachers and Students get along very well and with so many clubs and activities to offer students have many places to fit in. Easton takes Safety very seriously and does there best to make sure students feel safe in school.
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the fact that they have a career program opportunity called cit which is a program that has different course where you can get hands on experience earn college credit and obtain certificate .
Easton Area School District was very diverse which brought out a lot of culture within the school which I thought was excellent and what a high school needs. Also, the students took sports very seriously which made our district known. Academics could improve. I did not feel up to par when entering college, but overall the teachers taught well.
I have really enjoyed my over all experience at Easton Area High School. I love the amount of community involvement and love for school spirit I have been involved in a exposed to at Easton.
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