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Eastmont High School is a great school to go to with a lot of spirit. Students are very involved with sports and events that happen very frequently. The teachers that teach there are also very nice and considerate of the students.
I been an Eastmont student since elementary. I’ve been involved with sports and clubs, Eastmont has great spirit towards all there sports and clubs sometimes I just wish they would pay attention to more of there newer clubs such as mariachi for example. Since I been involved in sports I’ve seen that that lower teams such as C teams don’t really get a lot of the same attention like jv or varsity. All teams should have travel uniforms disincluding “C team” from benefits like that puts not only the team but one as a player and they think they’re not apart of the school. Besides those two things I’ve always loved Eastmont
As far as public schools go, I perceive the Eastmont School District as a some-what better school district than most. Many of the teachers are passionate about their jobs and the curriculum, allowing for a well-rounded learning experience.
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Eastmont School District is great with many opportunities for all students. They create a very friendly and safe environment for students. Eastmont promotes kindness and the acceptance of other's differences. Teachers prepare students not just for the next test, but for life and college. Although Eastmont has many great opportunities such as sports, clubs, and events; students don't always receive information about said opportunities until the day before or it is too late to participate. Overall it is a very good school district for students to learn and grow not just in academics but in character.
Started at Eastmont in my senior year Administrators were extremely helpful getting my transcripts converted so I could attend school through the running start program. Helpful transitioning for future college life.
Just like everything else there are a few flaws , but I feel that if there is an issue it will be taken care of.
Eastmont is a very caring school that wants you to graduate. The school makes me feel safe. One thing I would see change is a little more diversity
Overall my high school experience at Eastmont High School was adequate. I saw very minimal amount of bullying which was a nice aspect of the school. I was the type of the student to just go with the flow. Something that Eastmont needs to do to become a better school is to praise every type of activity at the school. For example, sports are obviously praised more than should at the school. They’re always sports assemblies to praise athletes while the people in drama, choir, band and etc. are barely mentioned.
What I like about Eastmont is that it's a school where you feel very safe and most teachers I've had are great. One thing I would do to change Eastmont would be to prepare kids for adult life after high school. They should have a class where they teach, seniors especially, how to handle taxes and do all those things because knowing the Pythagorean theorem certainly won't.
I love how much the teachers are involved with the students and the way we learn things is different from the other schools I have been to. Also, the use and accessibility of technology is super easy. Everything is right there at our finger tips.
It was ok, medium size town, had some good teachers, had some not so good ones. Community College near for Running Start, the only diversity was, Whites and Latinos -
The students and classmates were great, but I felt like the teachers lacked the ability to connect with the students and being a new student there my senior year I didn't feel like the teachers went the extra mile to make me feel welcomed.
There are only few things I like about the Eastmont School District. There art programs, and the option for running start. My overall experience going to school was terrible. I wish to see the school change from being a click that mainly focuses on there chosen kids to a school that cares about all their students
It's a nice school with nice staff. The only problem I have with it is all of the standardized testing.
I enjoyed my stay at Eastmont High School although I do wish everyone was more aware of the diversity in our school. Overall Eastmont High School is a great school and always has help available for students.
It is overall pretty nice. There are a lot of cliques at this school. The coaches aren't that great and the resulting sports teams do not do that great either. The teachers are a hit and miss, some are extremely good while others are horrible. The facilities recently had a renovation and have not been there since so I am assuming it is all updated now.
It's been great. The administrators really care and try to help everyone succeed. The schools are wonderful, nice clean and are kept in great shape throughout the school year. Counselors are amazing and they give some great advice on courses you should take for your next semester. They do everything they can to make you happy and content with your schedule.
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