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Eastland Independent School District Reviews

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I absolutely love the school as a whole. Great facilities, Professional and friendly faculty, and a warm atmosphere. The school has a bright and uplifting environment that I personally never want to leave.
I liked getting to know my teachers, but the technology here needs to get a lot better. I really enjoyed spending all my years of school here.
This school has a very small town vibe. Everyone knows everyone, and it makes a comfortable learning situation. I have learned both book skills and common sense. Going to a small town school like this has made it easier for me to accomplish more academically.
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there are some amazing teachers there, but there’s a lot more who could use some work on learning how to talk to students, temper control, and learning how to actually yeah the subjects. They also need a counselor who will help the students with things they need not just push it off and say she’s too busy everytime.
Eastland School District has many teachers that care genuinely about the success of their students. They have annual testing like every other school in the state, but they also offer many courses that don't just take tests. These courses offer a way to better yourself and expand your knowledge in a way that some other schools don't offer.
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