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I would like to see the school administration more involved with the students. Overall, the education received at Eastern York High School was above average.
I like Eastern York a lot. The teachers, for the most part, are great and are good at instilling knowledge.
Eastern York School is a great school. It has small home town feel with a lot of opportunities that a larger school would offer. The teachers are knowledgeable and always willing to help you achieve your goals.
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Overall, Eastern had provided a great education experience in a small school environment. Small classes and dedicated teachers make for a very positive public school experience.
The school is adequate when it comes to a good learning environment, though is nothing special. While the teachers are overall are great, the school itself has had several issues in the past years mostly dealing with an abundance of bomb threats that I do not feel were handled that well.
I feel like I got a decent education here but I will say that I was not prepared enough for college. Everything seemed so much easier in high school and there was no need to constantly be studying like you have to in college. Overall, this was a pretty good high school to spend four years at.
Eastern York School District did well to prepare me for my future while allowing the opportunity to participate in clubs, sports, events, and make lifelong friendships. High school is only what you make of it and every student should be taught how to balance their school and personal lives to get the most out of their short time there.
Don't care about students medical problems, racist towards minorities (big shocker)! The school makes it impossible to be absent as you get fined and haggled with academics because of absences. S.O to the 4 decent teachers at eastern high.
Our school district and the schools are fairly small so you get more one-on-one attention. I will there were more advanced classes to take in the sciences since that is a field that I am interested in. The athletics teams are very hardworking even if we don't make it to districts or states in every sport. The district has brought more technology into the classroom for students through the use of Chromebooks, Moodle, etc.
Overall, a pretty good school. Definitely a good variety of social groups and activities, but not much diversity. Decent teaching staff and administrators.
I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the school. There was always to goal to achieve and every teacher wanted you to succeed. Any problems that our school had were always solved quickly and there were rarely ever fights or confrontations between other students. The options of classes you can take is amazing and gives every student a chance to thrive and do something that they enjoy.
The teachers are really nice and the classes are actually fun. The students are also nice and all the grades hang out with each other.
Overall Eastern has their problems, but teachers try to stress bully free, fight free, and a weapon free school. I definitely would like to see Eastern handle situations differentely and stop taking things so lightly.
Eastern York is a very safe and interactive school full of pride. It's a school where great relationships are built and lives are changed for the better.
The parent involvement is superb for the one's that get involved. I would like to see more than just the same sets of parents helping the kids out in all of the extra-curricular activities. I would also like to see some more school spirit come back to the school. Activities such as locker decorating, decorating the hall ways with banners, and posters, pep rallies, face painting, bonfires, etc. ... have basically become non-exsistant at the school.
I like the community that Eastern has, but I want teachers that care more about our education. Someone to help me better myself not just breeze on by my senior year.
What you put in is what you get. If you take advantage of the few AP and honors courses available you will be challenged academically. Also, if you manage to get an independent study, you can increase the amount of courses available. However, what is offered generally is not much compared to many other schools. A vastly white school, if you are part of a minority group (particularly of Asian heritage), you could feel very isolated and face racist remarks. The same goes for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Although, the school is located in a predominantly white, Christian conservative rural community, so the majority of the small population is very similar. However, I was able to make great bonds with a couple of teachers and the guidance councilors are absolutely amazing.
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I have had a wonderful past three years at Eastern York High School. Recently, I have started my fourth and final year. My high school supported me since my very first day of freshmen year. The faculty are always there if I ever need help. Plus, with being a swimmer my schedule needed a lot of shifting to make everything work and my guidance counselor was always eager to help. Throughout the clubs and sports team, I have made some wonderful friends and experienced the most fun. I would like to see healthier and fresher food options and more resources. We lack some key resources and a librarian. I wish we had more electronics and efficient wifi to get out work done. Overall, I would highly recommend Eastern York High School if you want to get smart and have a good time while doing it.
Eastern York has a good area, but is a smaller population school in York county. The administration operates to the best of its ability, but the teaching staff is constantly juggled and there are only a few experienced teachers in each wing.
Eastern York is a small yet well rounded school with plenty of academic as well as athletic opportunities.
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