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Eastern Local School District (Sardinia) Reviews

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Eastern Brown High School provides a number of ways that students can begin the process of college readiness. College prep, WAVE, and Dual Credit classes are available to students who wish to go to college after high school graduation. The school also allows for students who would rather go straight into the work force after graduation to attend a local technical school that allows for a number of workforce ready programs. The school has a wide range of organizations and sports teams that allow students to get involved, begin networking and build leadership and team working skills.
Eastern Local Schools is rated excellent for education and helping their students. I would agree to a point. My experience there was pleasant, but also frustrating. Every teacher, truly cared about their students. I was given extra help when needed and was guided through many things. The teachers understand that life happens and mental health is just as important as grades. Despite that, the office and the way the students were punished was not up to par. Many were given a warning because they were on the basketball team. While others were suspended for the same reason. Work can be done for that school, but it was great with its education.
The teaching staff and faculty in general was probably my favorite part. For the most part, I took my HS classes / CCP online, and everyone always made sure I was on the right track with grades, deadlines, and for the most part making sure I was informed about assemblies, early dismissals, etc. even though I didn't attend brick and mortar in HS. I love the diversity of clubs that Eastern offers as well, watching the Drama club's presentation in the Spring is especially enjoyable for me.
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My experience with Eastern Local school district is amazing it is a very good school. Eastern focuses on their students educations very much. Eastern has great teachers who put forth every effort to teach us students everything we need to know and to better yet prepare us for college. Eastern is very well at administrating drills to keep every student safe along with their families.
I enjoyed the teachers and the learning environment the most. All the teachers are friendly and are looking out for the best in their students. The one thing that needs to be changed is the discipline policy. Discipline wasn't exactly enforced a whole lot. Rules were followed by some but not all, and some kids got special privileges.
I love my home town school where I graduated. It was the perfect High school experience and I was a true warrior, which is our mascot. I was involved in many activities during school such as cheer leading, Nation honor society, a member of FFA, and spirit club. I encourage many students to stay in high school and get the experience from Eastern Brown like I did.
I really liked the experience that I made with my fellow classmates. Most of the teachers there are really fun loving and also helping you to prepare for college or whatever job you plan to go into. As for what needs to change, certain people in higher positions need to find another hobby and be replaced. The sports was amazing and every sport always had success in not only league play, but also non-league competitions.
No, the district isn't perfect, but many of the teachers they their best to prepare us for what lies ahead. The bullying and drug situation isn't the best, but for the most part it's average. Middle school was the worst experience so far because the teachers were very judgemental, and a few times we were required to teach ourselves.
As a senior who attended ELSD from k-12 I am very happy with the education I received. We were given a safe, happy learning environment. I suggest the meetings with the Superintendent continue thought. They helped better our school.
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