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Eastern Lebanon County School District Reviews

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ELCO is a small, countryside school, but still has charm. The campus is surrounded by farmland, so the aesthetics (and smell!) could be better. Safety and utility is somewhat of an issue as well. For example, the auditorium hasn't had heating for a month after it shut down during a cold snap. In fact, the entire school had to close that day because there was no heating throughout the entire building. Aside from technical issues, though, the school dynamic and staff are excellent. I can't think of a single teacher I dislike. School culture is also pretty positive, with most students knowing almost everyone due to our small size. Clubs and activities are plentiful and varied, with something for everyone. All in all, I have had a very positive high school experience at ELCO, and wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I have attended school in the Eastern Lebanon County School District since kindergarten. I love how my teachers strive to have personal relationships with me. My teachers do everything in their power to make sure I understand the lesson and they go out of their way to help me. My French teacher and I have a super close relationship and it has been a tremendous blessing. We talk about school, my relationships, life problems, and she gives me advice. I have gone to her house and become friends with her daughter, who is three years younger than me. My teacher makes me feel important. If I could change something about my school, it would be how modern the school is. It is becoming older and the gymnasium is not up to par. But, despite our average facilities, our students love the school and are loud about their Raider pride!
The Eastern Lebanon County School District holds many opportunities for students looking to challenge themselves before college, with multifarious offered AP level courses and qualified teacher. Departments are strong, specifically the music and English departments, wherein students are strongly encouraged to pursue the arts. Students with proclivities to STEM studies are assuaged with various courses in the academic studies, and the school's academic records are more than proficient. However, the district is bereft of diversity and cultural education, as the amount of classes that touch on cultures such as: Spanish, Italian, Asian, etc. are few to none. The schools, predominantly white, are thus ignorant to other ethnicities, which decreases cultural understanding of students when entering the real world. I recommend the schools increase cultural awareness and social aspects of life, rather than simply highlighting the intelligence facets it.
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Great school. Great academics. Recently updated middle school. Really nice new facilities built to suit the schools needs. Best teachers. Nothing bad to say.
great school. teachers are awesome. they have great club opportunities. administration is super friendly and is always ready to help you out with your needs. the hallways and classrooms are always clean and the trash cans are never over full because the janitors stay on top of their job.
Teachers notifying of kids not handing in assignments quicker. I would find out after its too late to bring grades up that my child wasn't handing in work.
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