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Construction sucks. I Actually learned something. I don't feel any dumber. The food is not worth eating. I like the vocational program.
It was somewhat fun and an experince that I wish i could forget some of the things that I was there for. Since it is basically hick county where some of the administration who cares more about sports and the athletes, than the other students that are more academically involved.
I am a three sport athlete at our small rural school. I’m also in the top five of my class. That is one of the great things about Eastern Green. The more important thing is the academics. Small school equals small classes which i think has helped me get good grades. The small classes have helped me along with my classmates to get closer to me teachers. Eastern Greene also offers several AP classes to help with college preparation. For the most part I like all of my teachers and feel they do a great job teaching students and preparing them for college. The principal is a good guy and very fair. Another great thing about our small school is that everyone knows each other. Obviously not everyone are friends but I think it’s good to know everyone in your school. There aren’t many things I don’t like about the school. Some of the outside of the school is in need of repair. Overall I’m very proud to be a T-bird!
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I absolutely love this school despite our lack of funding. But we have very strong academics and a great atmosphere.
Eastern is a fantastic school. I have gone to Eastern my whole life and I have never had a problem with anybody. The one thing that could be changed is the condition of the high school.
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