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Football State bound, Quiz Bowl state bound. Knowledgeable teachers, constant tutoring available. A lot of clubs.
Eastbook is a great school with a wonderful community. I would love to see more classes offered but besides that, it is a wonderful school. The teachers are amazing!
It is a very good school with some amazing teachers and great academic possibilities. I love the show choirs and teams. The staff is very supportive and they have an amazing academic department. Most people in the school tend to care for one another. The school is big enough to have vast opportunities and small enough that everybody can know everybody. We have a very strong football team. Easterbrook encourages respect and a caring environment. They also encourage a safe learning environment where every one can grow and succeed
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As will all schools, not perfect. Bullying needs to be addressed as well as discipline. No school is perfect, but we have our issues as stated above. However, overall a very good school and glad my kids will have graduates from there
I hsve succeeded thus far as a result if my experiences at eastbrook and the teachers who have facilitated my interests and passions.
I love the atmosphere of this high school, and how everyone gets a long. It is like one big family here from the teachers to the students. I love how all of the teachers know you and support you throughout high school and throughout the rest of your life. I am very grateful to have graduated from this high school.
Eastbrook is a very small school. Everyone knows everyone. The community is quite involved. You can expect the whole town to be at Friday night football. We have a lot of support around the school. Of course it is high school so their are going to be the usual cases of drama, but over all my experience at Eastbrook has been good. The sports teams give the sense of second families. Eastbrook's core revolves around sports and we tend to put a lot into each sport. The opportunities that are available at Eastbrook continue to grow. My high school experience at Eastbrook is everything I wanted it to be. I can honestly say I'll miss it.
Eastbrook is a nice homely school. It’s small in size but big at heart. People mostly get along and students don’t have to be afraid to go to school. It is a small school so some oppertunities that others have, we don’t. Overall the school is fantastic.
I have had very positive experiences in this community and school district. It is in the middle of no where so we have to make fun wherever we go and get close to the people we live around.
It is a great school that doesn't try and act fake. Eastbrook is a place where people who are hicks go. Eastbrook teachers actually care about their students.
It is a very nice school, where everyone truly cares. The teachers and all of the other staff try their hardest to make it a great place.
Eastbrook is a great school but could have a better FFA program. The school also should pay more attention to XC runners and other sports that get unrecognized. I understand football makes the school money and that we are good at it, but our XC team is pretty good too.
Eastbrook Community Schools has had its ups and downs. Each year you attend, the better it seems. The teachers are helpful, and the school has a variety of different extra curriculars.
This is not an extremely diverse school, but offers a good education in a rural setting with wonderful teachers and staff.
I am a senior in highschool and have attended Eastbrook for my entire academic career. The teachers at Eastbrook take a very personal route with their students. They not only to teach the students in the classroom, but also out of the classroom. They teach responsibility, how to deal with stress, and are very supportive to students who are struggling.
I liked the FFA and agriculture clashe's the most because it got me out of the classroom and in to the real world.
I love Eastbrook High School because it has such a friendly environment in comparison to nearby schools. The classes aren't too big that you can connect with your teacher one-on-one. All faculty are extremely friendly and students are nice as well. There are very few fights and drug problems. Something I would like to see changes in is in the sports department. I was involved in cross country, basketball, and track and from experience, I can tell that more money is placed in the popular sports like football and basketball but track and cross country get pushed aside. For example, our tent for cross country was ripped and broken for a long time without being replaced. Instead of replacing the tent, the school invested in new basketball jerseys for the girls and a new football turf. Other than that, I don't have a lot of complaints.
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My experience at Eastbrook high school has been Tumi long but fun and worthwhile. It has prepared me in many ways for the college atmosphere. And I am proud to say that my time at Eastbrook was well worth while and I will be missing going there.
Eastbrook School Corporations have been a wonderful place to learn for 13 years. With great teachers and faculty, it has made the whole experience awesome.
I'm not sure the school facility is entirely responsible for my distaste of High School, rather than Indiana's academic curriculum, but I will say this: most of the teachers taught straight from a textbook, without any ambition nor flexibility to teach anything other than what's expected from a multiple choice exam. The school has outdated resources, such as textbooks and higher quality internet capabilities. Most fundraising contributions goes towards the football team (which is considered to most, as a tradition). Many of the teachers are somewhat involved in athletic programs, as coaches or directors. Many of the teachers display a political bias, in which is very apparent through their teachings. There is very little possibility of encouragement of free-thinking exercises. Eastbrook has a lack of cultural diversity, due to the community surrounding the High School. Even worse, there is very little teachings of the very cultural diversity, they lack.
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