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Like many schools, there are good and bad teachers. There are many great ones in HHS. However, every year I have found that administration does not care about students. I was set up for failure when the school failed to get my class a Spanish teacher. They handled the situation very poorly and because of their error, I have a blemish in my transcript.
My experience at East Windsor Regional School District was like no other. From my first day at school when I first moved here in the second grade to my final days of high school. Most off the staff have been encouraging and have not wanted anything but the best although, there have been many events where I didn't feel that. Although, the really great teachers and staff outnumber the bad that can ruin your day.
My daughter goes to elementary school and I am very happy with the school.
Her teacher is very good in communicating to the parents two to three times a week about the schedules and progression. She helps the student with lot of tools for practicing math and reading.There are also tests conducted in math and english 1-2 times every week. I see lot of improvement in my daughter.
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The school falls in the lines of a smaller high school. The district has a lot to give. They give out and provide the top of the line technology that is needed to help people succeed. There one problem, the teachers that are there are not the best at teaching. While there are some great ones there, there is not a lot. The district also has older building and not up to date. The kids that attend are not the smartest. This district is not for the top smart people but great for the advantage.
East Windsor Regional School District is very good with preparing students for college. Although, I wish their were more classes involving animals, or criminal justice, or even doctors/nursing. The district needs to expand the options for classes to help students get a better understanding of what they want to become.
East Windsor regional school district was an average school that provided as much information to their students as they could.
I like the fact that it’s somewhat diverse and there’s people from all walks of life here. However, the food isn’t that great and the school is very small
Growing up in the East Windsor Regional School district was amazing. Elementary and middle school was above average in my opinion, but nothing too noteworthy about any of the schools. Hightstown High School is an experience that is unforgettable. The teachers are all so passionate in their jobs and genuinely want the best for their students. The school is competitive and pushes for academics and college readiness incredibly hard. On top of that, I hardly think that any other high school is nearly as diverse as Hightstown. There are students from all kinds of different backgrounds in every class.
The School District is more interested in money than the needs of the Special Education Student. They will cut corners every time and do as little as possible in support of a student with an IEP. Make sure you are on top of what the laws state and be ready for a fight. This is on EVERY level in the District from Elementary through High School.
EWRSD is a diverse, educational environment in which students are given all the resources they need to be successful in life.
The schools are not bad at all. The teachers are also decent depending on who you get. However, though the schools aren't bad they are great, a lot of the buildings are getting old but improvement in being shown but a very slow development.
Very diverse group of students and teachers, but a lot of violence and drug problems that goes on, especially in the Twin Rivers and downtown Hightstown area. A fair environment when it comes to preparing students moving on into college.
Being a part of the East Windsor Regional School District presents many opportunities to students and prepares them for the future. There are many resources readily available for those who seek them, and the people involved work to help individuals reach their full potential.
There are some really great teachers in this school district. They are really passionate about what they teach and really care for their students. The district also really cares for student safety. I was a student during the hazmat incident in 2014 and the administration made sure everyone was out of the building and on buses to protect them from the cold weather. There are quite a lot of options for sport and clubs that students can participate in.
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