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East St. Louis School District No. 189 Reviews

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I love the school but i would love to see physical changes in the district and i would love it more if they had theater there or they had a drama class the teachers there work had theater there and if they had acting /Drama class there but they work hard to give the students what they need to learn they care alot and i love that the reason i'm applying for this scholarship because i wanna get in my dream university
My experience at district 189 was very amazing. There are really good people that will help make your school experience very safe and fun. There are also many clubs and activities that you can get involved in.
What I like about my school is the school pride the students have, the teachers and all the love they show, and the sports. Something I would like to see change is the class sizes,
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I like everything about my school but I would change some of our teachers and the way some of us are treated.
It is a nice district and good to help student get where they need to go. Give opportunities for students to reach their goals and make sure everyone graduate on time.
Being a student at East Saint Louis High School made me whom I am . Its lots of fun , the teachers here are more like second parents to us the relationship we have with our teachers are amazing . We have lots of fun and learning too with the very small amount of resources we do have . Our sports and school events is what really keeps us together we are like a big family and when we come together its all love and laughs .
My experience with district 189 has been challenging. The teachers do not prepare you for college, they are just there to get their paychecks and don't value our education like they should. But there is this one class that I take which is AVID a class that preps us for college. That class has actually helped me with stuff and is actually preparing me for college. But the rest of my classes are trying to set me up for failure. The food is horrible and will make you sick in a instant. There are actually some great kids from east st. louis that are willing and wanting to learn and have a better education. DISTRICT 189 does not offer that. They care so much about the uniform and not our education.
I like the kids and the teachers at that work in the district. Many teachers that work here at these schools are very fun and very into their work.My experience has been the best . I've liked going to this school since i came here as a freshman . I've gotten the best experience with academics that i would've never gotten anywhere else.
I liked my years in the high school it has its ups and downs, but I could see some improvement with the behavior of students and some of the staff overall ESIDE is like a giant family and we all care for each other
I’m a proud Senior Of Class 2019. Every since i have been with district 189 it has been nothing but the best. From Losing Students To Student Losing Their Parent I Have Came With Ideas As To Show The Student We Support Them We Are Just Like Family Now. Getting help from the administration team to help me go forth with my idea. Every Since I Have Been There It’s Been Nothing But Great Things. Teachers staying til 7pm to help with the homework bring grade up. From Having Ms.Morris Getting Back To Be Our Sponsor, We Have Some Of The Supportive People. East St. Louis Senior High Will Always Be My Number 1.
District 189 is an okay district. I mean not every thing is perfect but this district need some major adjustments. from the district board down to the schools, we need some changes for future generations.
My experience at East Saint Louis SH can be described as rather difficult and exciting. On the one hand, I would say it was rather difficult attending this school because of some intimidating reasons while growing up and some scholastic changes also. On the other hand, I would say that it was exiting also because of some academic achievements, some trips I took, and some extracurriculars they offer. Something that I really like about the school is a program they offer, called GEAR UP, that I really find to be inspirational and fun, while still preparing you for the next level. If I could change at least one aspect about my school, it would most likely be how we are viewed and how we represent ourselves as a whole.
What I like about the East St. Louis School district is that they always strive to improve by trying to involve there students and parents.
I like that people come to school and feel comfortable I don't like that some of the students don't appreciate the teacher's hard work.
East St. Louis School District No. 189 was very unconducive to a proper education. Students were assigned damaged or outdated books if any were in stock throughout the school year. I am a former District 189 student and I feared for my safety daily due to the high level of violence and the low level of security. It was sad to see how the staff put more emphasis on sports than any academic programs. However, I kept my eye on the prize of my diploma ;I knew that with a high GPA I'd have a chance to attend college and have a successful career.
My experience there is well. The AP teachers are striving to give us the tools we need for college. But we don't have diversity at the school what so ever but then again what can you expect.
East St Louis School district 189 is a very excellent school district we can need help with our school curriculum besides that you is set to go off to college and start your life
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My experience with East St.Louis Senior high school has been great for the most part. But i would love to see more one on one time with teachers and students.
I liked the college prep courses I completed and the teachers that assisted me with scholarships and grants. The school district as a whole could do more to prepare the students for college. More college prep courses are needed.
School district 189 is a pretty good school district over all but there are a few things I would like to see change. I think the dress code should change because it takes away from focusing on what's important which is teaching and learning. Without the dress code teacher wouldn't have to take time out to make sure the students are in uniform and hold up the lesson, and students wouldn't have to go and get in uniform and miss important information.
The other thing I would change for the seniors is the fact that they can't sign themselves out and that they have to take classes that are not required. I believe after you are done with your required classes then you should be able to leave for the day, making the seniors stay for classes that aren't required doesn't benefit anyone.
But other than those two things I believe they are doing an excellent job.
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