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I loved the cultural diversity I got to experience both at Mount Pleasant high school and Silver Creek high school. I attended Mount Pleasant high school for two years, and both years I felt unsafe at times due to the many fights I saw around me. There needs to change and that will maybe have to be more security personnel around campus monitoring the students. The education I received there could have been better and more preparing for college, and it's what they lacked. I am attending Silver Creek High school for my last year as a senior and I am enjoying my overall experience. The teachers and admin are giving me more resources and knowledge to prepare me for college. What both schools lack is the type of food being served during lunch, It’s not fresh or as healthy as it should be. I hardly ever see vegetables or any type of fresh fruit being given out. There needs to be more funding for the lunches being served in this school district and hopefully that changes soon.
I am a senior at a high school in the East Side Union District and the administrators and staff at this school have not provided me with a feeling of safety and reassurance. I have also faced discrimination and favoritism toward other students.
I liked the schools about of the district. I went to Davis Middle School and Oak Grove High School. I had an amazing experience while I was there. I loved the school attended and I loved the teachers. Shoout out Mr. Lee from Oak Grove High School, math class.
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The East Side Union High School District is one with challenges for students living in a community in which the majority are first-generation college students.My school has acknowledged the importance in recognizing diversity in its students and staff.
They are really diverse and the schools are really nice with great Learning environment. The teacher are really jealous full and are always there when you need help with school or things going on at home. They also have student resources which helps us get through a rough time and helps us get all the negative thoughts out and help us have a healthy and safe environment to learn. They also have a lot of programs which are really nice and you learn things which you usually don’t learn.
I am class of 2015 at Mt. Pleasant High. My high school experience was terrifying at first, but I grew accustomed to how different it was from middle school. The teachers and staff were beyond friendly and helpful. Teachers would mix in a little but of fun with our education and made it more easier for us to learn. If you needed help you can simple go to a teacher and ask for help or find a tutor really quick. The only thing I wish could’ve changed, but seems like anyone had real control over was the construction going on at our school at the time. Some areas of the school smelled like tar and made it difficult to concentrate in class. So if there were to be any further remodelation at school it would make it easier for all students that it all be done when students are not in school.
I believe the students deserve better school lunches, and schools who are filled with minorities should get the most academic help possible. As well as, getting help for college, financial aid, scholarships, etc.
My four years at this school was memorable. But the school itself is crowded and the teacher have to deal with this. The staff are sometimes helpful but over all should be doing their job.
It is a great district that provide children with education for high schooler. But sometimes there is sometimes miscommunication and help can not be provided.
I currently transferred from a charter school to public and I have to say it’s been amazing. Public schools in east side are often looked down upon but are we looking down on the students or the teaching? I’d have to say people have a very biased opinion on the are- and its people it’s quite disappointing. All my current teachers have been 100x better than my past teachers from when I attended a charter. Having people with long term experience is something I completely forgot about when I entered the charter system. I really enjoy the rallies the teaching structure and preparedness. East Side Union is an amazing high school district! I will truly remember my high school experience coming here!
The facility is not very clean as there are many things that should be repaired. The student body is very diverse and friendly. Teachers treat students fairly and try their best to help.
I attend Independence high school which is part of the East Side District. I am a senior as of right now and I have to say its a really poor school/district but the people and experience is amazing. there are things we may need here. however, what I would like to see change in are the bathrooms. They really need new door handles, mirrors and soap.
There were definitely a few teachers who left a mark in my educational journey due to the committment they put in to teaching their students. However, Independence High School itself could be greatly improved. The district office has proved time and time again that their budget is being prioritized towards anything but their schools.
What I like about this district is that they have nice teacher whom I can comfortably talk to when I need help, but at the same time this district does not really offer good food for students, and resources for sports.
When attending high school in this school district everyone was good and the teachers were always there to help especially with students with learning disabilities
East Side Union High School District High Schools are very diverse, there are many students from many different places with different backgrounds. It is a very safe and fun place to be it.
East Side Union High School District are very diverse, there are many students from different places. And I think it is important because, having to work with different kind of people is a good thing and it helps us a lot as a student.
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Sometimes I felt like the District made some wrong decisions like letting go of some counselors that actually helped everyone at the school, but kept counselors that gave students a hard time when they just needed some help. Also going forward to the schools, they use the money for unnecessary use when that money could be spent on things the students actually needs.
The schools are okay. The people at the district office only care about themselves. The teachers definitely need higher pay
The thing that I would change In the east side high school district is that they should provide better food.
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