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My high school experience was generally very good. Mostly all my teacher expressed a passion for they chosen subject which in turn created lessons to become as equally interesting for us. They also had a variety of classes to choose from after fulfilling the required credits to graduate. This ranged from multiple linguistic classes to branch scientific classes such as anatomy and forensic to artistic classes such as ceramics and graphic designing. They also gave opportunities to their students with eep course and ap classes that allowed students to get ahead and better prepare us for college. Overall East Providence High School made my learning experience one made to remember fondly now and hopefully for years to come.
I am a parent of three children who attend the East Providence School district, and I really appreciate the dedication and willingness the teachers out forward to help their students achieve their goals. The East Providence community is more like a family, and everyone sticks together like true townies. The school department is very resourceful, informative, and helpful when registering children or needing any additional information pertaining to a child's needs to further their education.
did not like anything about the school. everything needs to be fixed. The adminstration needs to be fixed. They should change their ways on how to prep someone for college, and also fix the whole school it is falling apart its repulsive.
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Not at all supportive for children with disabilities ! They usually blame the victims of abuse and bullying of emotionally disabled student's is the worst ! I had to panic rush my child out of the district and bring them to another district to keep my kid's safe ( I have video )
Physical facilities are terrible, district is in the planning stages of new school building but it was a long 4 years with questionable heat, leaky pipes and closed pool. Administration is average, some great teachers, some terrible.
I enjoyed being able to meet many people my age, older than me, and younger than me. The great things about the town is that it is a small community and everyone knows each other. It's great being able to interact with everyone, and have everyone's great interest at heart. Being a small knit community, we were allowed to look out for each other and keep ourselves and everyone else safe, We provide when someone is in need of a hand. But like every other community, we also need to change more things. We sometimes get too caught up into politics and favoritism in the community overall, that it gives a bad feeling throughout the community. I would like to see more of a social change and more possibilities to get together and change the hostility that does sit between our small town.
The schools need better heating and air conditioning and are in poor condition. The academics are very nice and majority of the teachers are great. The school district is great, but should definetly invest in new schools within the next few years for a safer and healthier learning experience for kids.
I likd how at east providence high school, it's diverse. They're so many different and great students and staff that are in the school. I really don't like the lunches becuase they aren't that great. I feel like the teachers are always looking out for you and want you to succeed in life , they will teach you until you know everything you there is to know. Also, personally If I have any outside problems I can talk to a counselor whenever I need to and they are there for me. Also there is a career tech center . I take culinary arts , but there is cosomtology , engineering and marine biology and many other things . I want to be a chef so taking that class gets me ready for college
I had an overall positive experience at this high school. I really liked the way everyone shows tons of school spirit and stands up for each other. However, this school could use some serious renovating.
For the most part, things are not well maintained, at the high school buckets are needed in the hallways to keep rain out. And many teachers are simply unreasonable, though it must be noted that there are some very great teachers. I've had some teachers who have really taught me very well, and gotten me very interested in subjects, but there were an overwhelming amount of teachers who legitimately do not seem to care for their students. Overall, East Providence needs much more funding, and more student input.
East Providence School District has its heart in the right place but it isn't quite there yet. There are amazing teachers in each school that see the best and want to bring out the best in their students. However, this is hindered by the amount of standardized testing, common tasks, evaluations, and more that teachers must teach around instead of just going for it and teaching their subjects.
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