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My experience with East Orange school district is some where in the middle of worst school ever and why did I end up at this school. For a person like me, education is very important to me, and the schools in the east orange school district really just don't care that much. They rather focus on if you have the proper uniform on and that you're not allowed to use the bathroom for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class.
Over the course of four years, East Orange school district have progressed. My experience in freshmen year with this school district was unfair. I never saw or heard the school district host programs or trips for the students. But as time went on, changes happened, The Superintendent, Dr West started making visits to schools, making sure the voices of the students are heard and also their needs are meet. School programs are held for students in other for them to advance in particular school courses that will better their education. Students get the chance to meet with the Superintendent and discuss programs that have been held and how they can improve the schools.
Being apart of the East Orange School District is actually really nice. It may be limited for extra activities and career readiness, but the connection and the culture is what makes this district very good.
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The East Orange school district is involved in every thing when it comes to education. Students are not the smartest but the academic skills are there and the teachers are okay.
I lacked the highschool experience and had a new principal every year. Some of the teachers made my experience great.
The East Orange school district is at best an average school district. I went to STEM Academy which is supposed to be the best school in East Orange. The teachers are very good and the students are intelligent; however, the school lacks the resources the students and teachers need. The internet connection is terrible, there’s barely any computers for the students to use, and students are limited to printing two pages a day. The school lacks heating and cooling. The lunchroom is in the basement and the food is terrible. Last but not least, the administration is terrible, they don’t listen to student’ suggestions .
The school district itself holds many well known and longstanding institutes which have served the community for years. The education provided by the district has been adequate to forge leaders and pillars of both the community and the state. Amongst the district, there are few issues regarding certain institutions, due to lack of preparedness or resources available. The East Orange School District is one which has thrived within the community for years but can still achieve many beneficial improvements.
I like East Orange School District in the aspect of this being my hometown and the only place I’ve been to school. I’ve always been in the best schools in East Orange from Whitney E. Houston Academy and Johnnie L. Cochran Academy then transitioning to East Orange STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Academy for middle and high school. Along the way I’ve had amazing support from majority of my teachers, administrators and my amazing family. They’re always encouraging me to be the best that I can no matter what obstacles I face. I do admit that we need better educators and curriculum. Our sports teams need way more practice because there is no reason our football team should be ranked 171 in the state. Even though the college and career readiness is great at my school we can use some improvements like more scholarship awareness opportunities. We also need our cities taxes to go more towards our education system.
Being in a East Orange School district you are provided with many oppportunies and a chance to showcase your talents in many courses. There are teachers who will do anything to make sure we succeed.
More security, better food, fewer fights should be more implemented in the school system. It took a while before i could really get to know their system for I am an international student. But with my dedication, I quickly overcame the confusion and got myself on track with their type of system.
The buildings are ok but are almost as if they are falling apart.i would love to just see a slight remodel of the schools.
I grew up in the East Orange school along with my brothers and sisters who were involved in special education. I would like more attention paid to the education of students to better prepare them for college.
Overall my experience has been good. I do believe that there are opportunities for growth in the areas of college readiness, clubs, activities and for some facilities to be upgraded. The teachers I have had have been very helpful and are committed to seeing you exceed.
I feel like some of the teachers are only there to get paid and don't want to see the kids succeed. There's always that one teacher in every department that will push you to see you do your best. In one of my classes I had a kid that couldn't spell his own name right, so what is that saying about the school system are they just pushing kid through to get paid. When i finish college i want to come back and help fix the school system in East Orange if that is possible. When people walk into our school it looks like a jail the type of security we have to walk though everyday makes you feel like your going to jail. Oh wait we have a whole jail connected to our school.
I really enjoyed my experience with East Orange School District. I learned not only how to be a good student and a good overall person, I was always reminded how much potential my teachers and role models saw within me. They truly inspired me to strive for success in my education and in life.
I liked the education and the teaching teams. The teachers really care about the students. They stay long hours and dedicate their hearts to all the students. They are not therefore a paycheck but to educate all students. The part I don't like is the bullying that I endured from other students. The students were really cruel to me and it was unfair. I was able to receive help from the teachers and other staff and everything is okay now.I am grateful to all who heed !e through this ordeal.
I like how well the teachers interact with the students. And i would like to see the change in some of the students that are there.
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My experience was fun at least due to the people within the district that are willing to provide black minorities with opportunities to go beyond the standards are already set. One thing about my district are the sports program that give athletes the chance to gain scholarships and and able to pursue there dreams. One thing that needs to be changed in every district is provide more education on being self efficient as we young individuals make the transition into adulthood.
Principal Dr. Vincent Stallings has made a 100% academic transformation in just 1 year. He's very involved, you'll rarely catch him in his office because he's in the classroom with the students. He provides a daily confirmation to the students, which I love. Most down to earth, human educator I've seen in years!!
What I Like About East Orange School District Is The Persistent Need For Change And We now Have A New Superintendent.
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