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I really enjoyed East Lyme High School. Great academics, teachers, and all-around college prep. Not the school if you are looking for diversity though.
A great school overall. Most of the teachers are amazing and love doing what they do. They prep you well for college, especially in the more advanced honors and college level classes.
After going here for 4 years it definitely taught me a lot, obviously the required acidemics but also about life. The school is amazing a blue ribbon School and it definitely lives up to that.
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I have been in the East Lyme school district my entire life. My father went to the same elementary school as I and my mother went to my high school. It is obvious that East Lyme is not very diverse. Although, I would say most people, at least those who I know, are not discriminatory at all. My experience in this district has been wonderful. My elementary school (NCS) had/has amazing, very caring teachers and my high school (ELHS) has wonderful courses. All of the teachers are passionate, which makes for a very enjoyable class. Many teaching styles do clash with a lot of students though, but it is not hard to manage that. Overall, East Lyme may not have done so well in preparing me for "the real world," but it did very well in preparing me for college.
Going to East Lyme Public Schools has been the best time. I have lifelong friends and teachers who are extremely involved. There are so many electives and different class options for any kind of student. Our sports programs are generally strong and we have a good student fan section.
The school district is a very close knit community. From elementary school to high school they prepare you for the next transition as you get older. The older kids get involved with the younger ones through clubs and different programs.
East Lyme is a strong community with great teachers and a welcoming environment. Students are always pushed to perform their best and always keep improving. The teachers are fully engaged in their students learning. Classrooms always feel safe for students to share their opinions, be themselves, and to focus on their studies.
Teachers introduce students to skills with people and technology in addition to the classroom materials to prepare students to be scholars, active members in the community, and competent workers.
Excellent teachers with supreme knowledge of the subjects they lecture about. What I especially like is their accessibility either before or after school - whenever I needed help, they were always available
The school could use a better gym as it is a little outdated. Also, the food in the cafeteria could be more desirable with more options. I really enjoy High School and looking forward to my Junior year!
I attended all 4 years of high school here. The location is great. the teacher really care about the students well being and will do anything to help them succeed. I have learning disabilities and they were very accommodating and understanding about it. They faculty did everything they could to help me and were always very nice and respectful. I still go back to see the teachers.
Having attended East Lyme schools throughout my entire life, I can confidently say that I graduated with an exceptional well-rounded foundation for college and beyond. From elementary school throughout my senior year, we were offered a liberal and diverse curriculum including core subjects, music, athletics, and woodworking, while always encouraged to strive for academic excellence. The teachers and staff are extremely supportive and more than accommodating with individual needs. East Lyme's school system offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities and sports that enforce positive values and create lifelong friendships. I am lucky to have attended and would recommend to any family looking for a similar experience for their children!
Teachers make themselves ready available to students for extra help. Student body really discourages bullying
Good safe school.a lot of subjects to has a lot clubs and a lot of ap classes.there is not much of diversity,it is a safe environment.elementary and high schools are pretty good.
I have been a student in East Lyme for 13 years and I wouldn't want to get my education from anywhere else. East Lyme High is in a great community who is always willing to lend a helping hand and that is something reflected in our school. From fundraisers we put on to bringing awareness about causes. East Lyme High offers a bunch of different classes to catering the needs of each and every individual student. It also offers over 50 clubs that capture all interests. And if you are struggling there is always a helping hand around the corner. Sports are a big part of our town, with plenty of excitement, you can always catch a good game. Our sports offer great learning experiences and friendships. And for those who aren't the sporty type, east Lyme offers a great drama and music program. There is a spot for every one at East Lyme!
East Lyme has a very good school district, and, save the middle school, almost everyone in it will enjoy their time and become a well educated student.
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