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East Longmeadow Public Schools Reviews

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Quality of education and college preparedness is very good. Due to the age of the East Longmeadow Schools our facilities are horrible and we are way behind in technology. Kids are getting textbooks that are falling apart, if they get one at all. The high school is in the worst condition out of all of the EL Public Schools. Sports teams tend to be very political. You make a team based on your popularity and talent/performance is often overlooked. Working hard and putting in the effort to "earn" a spot on a team doesn't exist here. It is all about who you know and who your parents are friends with.
I attended East Longmeadow high school from years 2009-2012. East Longmeadow high school academically is a fantastic school that offers many classes including AP classes which can be used for college credits. Teachers are only there for a paycheck and do not care about their wellbeing as a student. As a student I was bullied many times and never once did the school intervien in any situation. The same has happened to my brother. Younger male teachers are a problem and there have been multiple complaints among them. Overall academically East Longmeadow high school is great.
From a student stand point it has been very mixed. As a student I have to the middle because sometimes I would have good memories but the same amount of bad. The diversity is very low as this school is in the suburbs. Me being an African American student in the suburbs, it wasn’t always the easiest. Some people have a good idea of equality but half of the teachers overall really don’t get that idea. I would love some teachers but some would mess with me and make class hard for me. I am not a trouble maker either. I only have 1 detention in all of high school for asking for a piece of paper(weird right). These are some reasons but not all that it was average for me.
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The school itself is in pretty poor condition regarding the building considering it is decades old but they provide a great education and have a great academics level in comparison to the entirety of Massachusetts schools.
Not gonna sugar coat it, the high school is falling apart. When it rains there are literally buckets in the hallway to catch the dripping water. Some really great teachers though Mr. Barbuti is in my opinion one of the coolest teachers ever. Mrs. Kelly might be the worst.
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