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I transferred to EHHS in my sophomore year. My schedule from previous school was not considered properly and I placed in classes that did not challenge me. I have problems with a teacher that I went to my counselor to discuss them and ended up being disciplined for my opinion.
Since I was in first grade, I attended school in East Haven. I don’t remember much from the early days, but high school is still very fresh in my mind having graduated just two years ago. There are nursing classes that can help students get CNA certified by the time they are seniors, which means they can graduate with a CNA certification AND already have a job thanks to the great connections the CNA teacher has. EHHS also has forensic science and criminal justice classes which can help students decide if they’d like to go into those fields, plus the teacher is absolutely wonderful and very helpful with helping students decide what to do and where to go after high school of they decide to pursue a career in those fields. Not to mention, a new program with the EHPD is around where students can intern with the department and actually get points towards their police test if they decide to go into policing in East Haven after high school!
East Haven School distract was a great place to attend school. Diversity was great, teachers where very sympathetic when it came to your personal life, great school spirit. They wanted everyone to srive and be their best .
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Under achieving school system with no plan in place to fix it. Structurally unsound, no technology or security. Test scores are abysmal. No after school activities.
There's very few people who care about the education of the students in this district. Most of the teachers do not want to make the effort to get to the students and help them find a way that makes learning interesting. On top of that multiple programs in the arts have been cut from the budget, keeping students from having a creative outline. My experience going to the schools in this town was ridiculous. No teacher cared about wanting me to genuinely learning and building up skills. They cared about making sure I just barely past a test so they didn't have to see me again next year.
I have been in the Eash Haven school district since 1st grade.I am now a senior.My siblings And I all went through together.I loved it here.I feel I have learned so much thanks to all the wonderful teachers i have had.I am now an Honor student and I always push myself to keep those grades!!I would like to see all the schools in East Haven teach like at EHA!It Is a school grades 1-8.I feels like I am as far as i am academically because of that school!
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