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I am a junior at East Greenwich High School. The past two years have been a fun experience. Teachers push us to try our best and work hard to get into the college of our choice.
I like the academic environment, especially the rigor of the programs contained within the school. There is a great lack of diversity, as the surrounding town contains mostly people of white-European descent. Very good in terms of prep for college.
East Greenwich is a really great, quality school. The teachers are overall very supportive and care about their students. Coming from a private school, I was nervous that public school would not be the same, but it surprised me in a good way! I really enjoy the East Greenwich school system
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This was a good high school because it had high standards and great teachers. However some of the teachers did not know how to teach they would just assign a task and say try it. I was set up to think I was put in one of the best public high schools in the country but that is not true. East Greenwich needs to look at all of its qualities and work them out to put its best foot foward and have the best education.
I enjoyed my time at EGHS. I learned a lot from my teachers during and after class. The teachers are very dedicated to their students and work hard to help them.
Pretty alright. I haven't been to an other High Schools, and I don't remember the elementary school I've been to before, but just from word of mouth and hearing from friends in other schools, I can tell that EGHS is a lot more strict, and not in a good way. No study hall, basically no makeup tests, and a lot of other things that kind of suck, including having little to no classes to transfer, and too little selection of classes. Even if I say that, it is still an alright school, and it is definitely fine to go to. Teachers are nice, and know how to teach (most of them), and it definitely puts you on the right track to college, (especially for math honors classes).
It's a small school with teachers that really seem to care about their students. The administration engages with the students, and the teachers are always trying new things to make learning more interactive.
East Greenwich High School is overall a great experience for high school students in getting us ready for college. That being said, teachers acknowledge our school's high reputation and never fail to tell us that when they hand out copious amounts of work. Stress levels of students are high and the nurse deals with numerous panic attacks and breakdowns daily. However, this school has amazing sports programs, clubs, and most teachers care about their students and are ready to help any student in need.
I love the East Greenwich Public Schools. I feel that they prepared me very well for college and I had great experiences throughout my time there.
I love my school and its willingness to help all those who are in it. East greenwich puts a lot of money into their school system and it certainly pays off. The teachers are awesome and help far more than in other schools.
The East Greenwich Public Schools are places for young students to develop as learners. The opportunities at these schools are extensive: teaching staff are competent and willing to aid students, students work cohesively, and varied clubs and activities guarantee students will enjoy success. East Greenwich prides itself on creating support networks for its students- pushing them out of their comfort zone while offering resources to insure success. However, there are some issues with the learning culture: Honors and AP students are separated from peers early on, with no overlap between those students and students in college preparatory courses. An environment is cultivated that values prestige over genuine understanding, creating a detrimental stressful atmosphere for students. Overall, East Greenwich works hard on crafting students to be successful in the future. Though it has flaws, administration shows attempts improvement, and the school is effective in its purpose.
The East Greenwich school district is high performing and is the best public option and is also better than most private schools, but the union shuts down all positive growth when they are negotiating and it is devastating for the district.
I am in middle school currently and I have been getting bullied since the day I moved to this town. The teacher do nothing with bullying. Also a bad job teaching kids who need help. In this town the kids are stuck up and mean. The only positives is that east greenwich has great sports team. If you are thinking about moving here dont. It will ruin your kids and make the depressed.
East Greenwich High School has very good teachers, and a good curriculum with a wide range of classes for students.
East Greenwich High School has a strong academic curriculum and good resources. The facilities of the school are good, and the teachers are good. Some teachers are better than others. The campus is very safe and the involvement is very high. There are numerous extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs offered at the school. In addition, there are many people to see for help. Great school.
The East Greenwich High School experience one of the best. You get the opportunity to be immersed into such a diverse learning experience, where you will recieve one of the best educations there is. The only thing about the high school that I would want to change is the lack of school spirit. If you were to attend a East Greenwich High School Spirit week you might not notice anything different. You will unlikely see mobs of color, or multiple people dressed up in costumes. Despite the wonderful education granted to you at East Greenwich High School, I would try to increase the school spirit that kids experience.
Very strong parent involvement in an affluent community. Overall, I have found the teachers to be supportive. Would like to see more emphasis on community service.
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