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East Greenbush Central School District Reviews

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I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the amazing teachers and friends I’ve had over the 13 years I’ve been in the district. The town and school will always be home and used for guidance and reassurance as I go on to college. Our school has helped me win awards and be my best self and I’m eternally greatful to live in such a great town and to have gone to have gone to schools like these.
I like the atmosphere. This is a very good learning environment for students. They prepare us well for college too. I loved my four years here.
Most of the teachers are absolutely amazing, and they are always making the students think and expand their minds. EGCSD is recognized as one of the top schools in the area, with some of the best test scores in the nation.
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The East Greenbush school district may place too much of the budget on sports teams that do poorly, have the earliest start time in the area, and rather terrible cafeteria food, but it is still an arguably fantastic high school. Columbia High School may have its faults but it also has its Highlights . The teachers available to the students generally care about their job and doing it right so that students are truly pushed to success in the future. They inspire a desire to put in the effort to do well and succeed. Many support students outside the classroom in our many clubs and activities ranging from our nationally ranked Science Olympiad team to the frisbee club, to our various community service organizations, and every thing in between. Both academic and recreational support are everywhere you look there is always a place you will be welcomed no matter who you are.
East greenbush school district is very friendly and teachers work with students. After school clubs are very helpful for involve in community.
Despite what everyone says this is one of the best school districts in the area. Great teachers (most of the time) and a lot of them really care.
I was part of the EGCSD from kindergarten at Genet to graduation from Columbia. In terms of quality of education, I would say it's on par with most other schools around the country. However, Columbia's administration wasn't great- racial profiling was fairly blatant and not rare. I hope it didn't affect those particular students too much in the long run. Security is so uptight that it felt nearly impossible to do anything- you weren't even allowed in the library without a pass from a teacher. I'd like to see more fair treatment of students from every and all backgrounds, and a greater variety of extracurricular activities. Anything else that could be said should be said of the entire nation's education system, not specifically this district.
I enjoyed my time at Columbia. The teachers are generally nice and supportive although there were a few which weren't particularly popular with the students due to their strictness or other related reasons. The school takes security very seriously and does multiple drills every year. The courses were rigorous but as long as you do what you need to you'll have a decent grade.
My daughter has Down Syndrome and has done amazing in this school district. The program and teachers for special needs kids are phenomenal. She has improved greatly since leaving our school district and going to this one.
The school is inclusive of everyone. At the school there are gender neutral bathrooms that have been a huge success as well as the GSA club that is extensive
This school has been great for us because it let's the kids be dependent but also if the kids need help they can advocate for themselves. The parent support is strong too.
Columbia High School is a place of many people, attitudes, and personalities. Here, through sports I earned the NYS Scholar Athlete Award. I have a very different personality, one that is open about everything, which has put me into some good and tricky situations in Columbia High. I am a senior, I’m in National Honor Society, I have played three sports in high school, and I’ve had a job since the beginning of junior year. I have been a member of the Drama department and Chorus since 9th grade. Columbia has taught me that some people are mean and deceitful, but if you carry yourself the correct way, you can conquer anything.
My experience in the East Greenbush central school district has been great so far. The staff have been, for the most part, competent, respectable people whom have helped me greatly when it comes to achieving my goals. Every staff member that Ive come across has been wholeheartedly dedicated to teaching or taking care of students. My only critic of this district, as a student, is the seemingly endless list of things students can't do. Albeit, everything on the list has a purpose and is designed to keep everyone safe, can I really not go to the cafeteria during my study hall even if I have no work?
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