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I would like to see the schools try to do more with working with a variety student and hearing their opinions. The high school has many opportunities for student and allows them to look into many different subjects while in high school. But sometimes the down fall of having so many classes is that the students can not do all of them.
East Grand RapidsPublic is a school in a small community that focuses on the well being of all children .
Not the worst school but because of location and lack of diversity, a very judgmental and at some points racist environment is created. However, when issues do arise there are people you can go to get assistance.
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East Grand Rapids is a place where the administration wants you to succeed and will go out of their way to help you - as long as you put forth the effort.
East Grand Rapids is a fantastic school with a great education, community, and athletics. There i a lot of competition that pushes you to work hard and many caring people and teachers.
East Grand Rapids High School not only provides the resources and staff necessary for college readiness, but also cultivates a student environment filled with positivity, acceptance, and encouragement. The biggest advantage of attending East Grand Rapids High School is the community which supports healthy competition, respect, and reaching above and beyond. The student body and staff are both kind as well as supportive in helping each other achieve their highest potential.
East Grand Rapids Public Schools has given me quite possibly the best high school experience I could have asked for or wanted. Although I have not yet gone to college, I feel that this school has prepared me and taught me how to be a college ready student. The teachers are fantastic, they are very hands on and not only want you to succeed in school but also in life. The faculty wants to get to know you and wants to be involved. The school however does lack in diversity and if I could change one thing about it, it would be that. All in all, East Grand Rapids Public Schools is truly the best place to learn and be edcuated.
The academics are fantastic as well as the athletics but are only worth it if you're willing to put up with the stuck-up and snobbish attitude of vineyard vines wearing and expensive car driving brats.
East Grand Rapids is a VERY great school community from the great teachers and classes to the outstanding extracurricular opportunities that the school offers. The spirit of Kabookie truly lives through each individual to make East the picture perfect high school experience
East Grand Rapids schools are wonderful and give children quality education. From elementary school to high school, many students develop tight knit groups of friends for life. Many teachers genuinely care about their students and their education and strive do the best that they can.
Great school with rigerous academics. High school students have the many academic options including IB, AP, or honors courses. There is also a wide variety of clubs and sports available. Parents are very involved and supportive of the schools.
I like how small it is because everyone knows each other and there's a sense of community. I love the traditions there and the teachers are absolutely awesome. My biggest problem with it is that everyone seems to be privileged and we have a reputation for that. But the education is great and there are countless athletic, club, and academic opportunities.
I like East Grand Rapids it is a very good school it all based on academics.They get you ready for college . I am not a fan of how competitive people are with grades and academics and i do not like how there is no diversity but overall i like East Grand Rapids High.
I really liked the academic part of attending this school,most of teachers were willing to take out the extra time to help you understand the subjects being taught. I didn't really like that there was not very much diversity in the school district which made it difficult to establish positive peer relationships.
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