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East Grand Forks Public School District Reviews

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East Grand Forks public schools are very nice and a great learning environment but it has a few flaws that the school needs to address. First of all our school has had a habit of favoring sports. Even the ones who have never brought home state titles or won championships. They spend way to much money on certain sports and neglect the other ones. They are also very sexist towards women’s teams and don’t give them the same opportunity’s as male teams. These things have affected me my whole high school experience.
I overall had a good experience in this high school. If I could go back, I would do more PSEO classes my junior and senior year. I had lots of opportunities for learning .
My experience at East Grand Forks Senior High School is a relatively good one. The teachers within this school are incredible. Teachers here are kind, helpful, supportive, and understanding. The coursework at this school can sometimes be challenging and mind opening. The only change I would make for this school is to have another helpful councilor, as this is where the school is lacking.
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East grand forks public schools are not for immigrants. School administrators treat kids as second class citizens. Teachers and school administrators have no respect for the parents and their concern. Even school district doesn’t reply phone calls and messages for the concern parents it is like live in 1900s .. very sad place to rise confident black kids
I think that East Grand Forks has a great school district and has a lot of awesome teachers to go along with it! I have learned so much in this school and I couldn’t imagine growing up in a different town!
Teachers are wonderful. But, I would have to say the way that they punish kids is not in the right fashion. It's like they give them a small slap on the wrist.
I had a good experience in high school. I never hated going to school but did have trouble getting the proper help need for college preparation. I loved going to basketball and football events. The dances always brought students together for a night of fun. Teachers at the high school didn't always give me the time of day to listen to my questions but I found that if you just keep going and asking they will finally understand your not playing around with your education. I wish as a student I didn't have to do that but I learned that asking questions can make a big impacted on the way your education level will go.
The high school just has a new 20 million dollar addition out on and I am enjoying all the new updates that it brought. most of the teacher are very friendly and I still sometimes talk to my teachers from back in elementary school.
I love the East Grand Forks Public Schools. It is a comforting and safe environment. The spirit for the school and sports that we have for the school is amazing and the bonds we all have with each other are indescribable. For the high school, everyone comes out to support the teams and drive to the away games to keep the school spirit going. You know everyone and everyone knows you and I love how small it is. It is truly a great place for children to grow and learn.
My experience at East Grand Forks Senior High has been overall a good experience. The teachers are caring but I feel like the curriculum that we are taught could be more advanced so that we would be able to obtain a better education before college.
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