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East Chambers Independent School District Reviews

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Has a nurturing atmosphere where as long as the student truly wants to learn, they can. There are also many teachers who genuinely want to help students improve their education.
East Chambers provided a great chance for me to participate in sports and academic contests. My time at EC was a very big part of my life. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to school ANYWHERE else!
My experience with East Chambers has been wonderful. This school never has problems with bullying or violence among students. The faculty and staff are always bright-eyed and helpful for the students and visitors, at all times. Any visitors or new faculty/ students are sure to feel safe and welcome when they first walk through the doors. As far as small town schools go, this one has got the others beat by a long shot. This school’s athletic program is so welcoming to all students and leaves a huge impact on their lives. Every student will graduate with the best stories ranging from their academic and athletic achievements to their endless days of fun memories with their peers at East Chambers. I wouldn’t change a thing about this school as my journey has been the best it possibly could’ve been.
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My experiences at East Chambers Independent School District was pretty average, but there is definitely room for improvements. The school should incorporate more group activities so that students can get involved more. They should also improve the quality of the food that they serve, for numerous students have continuously complained about the specific types of food they serve. However, what I did like about the school is the athletic department. They treat their athletes very well and have the best facilities available to train and improve our skills. I also like how the teachers work very hard to help push us students to achieve.
It's a nice school with well maintained facilities. The faculty is nice and it's a friendly community. Although it's not as diverse as some schools, it still offers many different activities for students and parents to get involved in. The athletic and academic programs are wonderful too.
the thing i liked the most was that they asked about mostly everything. not just about one thing, they asked about the teachers, food, safety, and so on.
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