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I had a great experience at East Central high school. My teachers were amazing, because I took the right classes and the right programs like Colloquium and AP courses. There isn’t much school spirit because it hasn’t been until recently that the school has been making improvements to their athletic coaching staff, and the schools football, and other athletic teams have been improving. But other programs like the fine arts, especially the band program, are unenjoyable with the new staff. My experiences in the marching band were great at the beginning of high school, but when the staff changed, the new style and personality of the new head band director was disliked by many MANY people, parents, and students including me. And because of him my worst high school experiences were created.
I think some of the kids need to be challenged more and some kids need to have better attitudes because a lot of them don't know respect. Would rather kids who don't care about AP not take it it's annoying see kids not care in a college course.
I like East Central a lot but the one thing I would like the change is the disciplinary actions and teachers. Some teachers can be rude and disrespectful towards the students and lack the understanding of some kids. But overall academics is great and really sets you up for college. There’s also a lot of variety classes you can take in order to kick start your career.
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As a former kindergarten student to a current senior in the East Central Independent District, I can say I'm grateful to have been in a district that provided transportation to and from school everyday. That the district has various programs that benefit the surrounding communities. I've been able to take advantage of the many scholar opportunities that were provided to me within the district, and now I can say that I am fully prepared to transition to a college environment and workforce.
I like the diversity of east central and the student population.What I do not like is how confusing college preparation and participation in school events are.There are time I will not even know of events until after the event has happened.
I would like to change the food nd get a better football team. The clubs however are very diverse and many of the teachers with the rare few truly try to be a great teacher.
I liked how much of a community East Central was. There were many people involved in the East Central community as well when it came to both academics and athletics. There was a lot of support from schools within the district as well. My school and athletic experience was great. My teachers were knowledgeable and helpful and my coaches were so encouraging. I was a part of ECISD from kindergarten to 12th grade.
My overall experience with East Central was surprisingly great. They don't have a great rap sheet and even as I was attending this year some fake news came out but I genuinely learned a lot and made a variety of friends that I didn't have before.
I enjoyed my time at East Central. The administration were strict but it obvious they cared. The teachers enjoy being there and really want to see their students succeed. As for extracurricular activities, East Central is average. The football team struggles with winning and advancing past the first round of playoffs. I think to see the football team improve East Central needs a coach that will challenge them to be physical and not afraid of big name schools in the UIL district.
Their academic program is exceptional. I would recommend ECISD to anybody. The teachers treat the students like their own and i love that. The only downside to ECISD is that it only had one high school, so it often sometimes gets crowded.
I really like that they have activities as well as different opportunities for the students to interact with each other on the campus. One thing that I would change is the security. A person can come in and out without anyone noticing.
I would rate East Central 3 1/2 stars if I could because it's between average and very good; so good would be my rating. Diversity has improved, college prep and ap classes are great there. I just wish administration would put a bigger imphasis on academics and arts rather than sports and attendance. But overall good.
What I like about East Central is that it is a fun, safe environment to learn in. The faculty and staff are amazing and any questions you want answered, anybody will be happy to help you out. The atmosphere is great and the diversity of people stands out. Filled with great people and energy.
I attended East Central High School for Junior and Senior year. It was a major upgrade from the high school I attended in Louisiana but compared to other schools in San Antonio. It was very basic.
My experience overall at East Central High School was pretty good and something that I'll never forget and look back on it. The community was great, it was welcoming and a calm area minus the road kill. Sports were amazing and really made the best of my high school experience. Our athletic directing staff were so caring for every single athlete. Education was definitely a plus, teachers go out there way to make sure every student has the help they need. Diversity plays a big role in any college while East Central we have exchange students here, all races so we all get an opportunity to meet and enjoy each others company. I believe we should change the equal share of support, football gets cheerleaders, pep rallies, etc. Track gets nothing as that such unless we ask months in advance. If they had the same support that did with football I personally believe our sports would be a lot more appreciative.
i joined the EC hornet community my freshman year. EC really is a community, the people are your naighbors your family. It’s a really a comfortable country setting, since east central is in a rural setting on my way to school I saw cattle and horses which encourages me to keeping going to school on days when I dreaded going to school. My academic career was excellent, at a young age AP classes were offered to me, an opportunity I quickly took advantage of. While I did recive a classic classroom assistance, online resources were offered. Aside from teachers the counselors and college preparation administrators were extremely upbeat and supportive. East central became a second home in the 4 years I was there and I will greatly appreciate the memories EC offered.
Many of the teachers seem to genuinely care about their students. Some however show no concern for the students.
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People think high schools hard but at east central it’s almost hard to fail all you have to do is do your work and you can get a passing grade
Students were great, teachers were okay and the principle was okay. Enforced the rules a little too strictly.
My experience is pretty well. East central staff allows for creativity to flow. Sports team make you feel welcome and allow for many different options.
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