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East Carter County R-II School District Reviews

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My favorite thing about the school is the library.They could probably help people better during school hours.
I would like the attendence policy changed. Doctor excuse cant even excuse us, we still have to make up hours. I would like us to go fewer days than we currently are each year because we go more than is required by state. I would like to get rid of diet soda machines and offer luxurious healthy fresh fruits in the halls or at lunch than the gross canned kind at lunch. Put 100% juice bottles in machines. Have more dances that are free to get in. Administrate a wide spread academic over the school than sports
Hi my name is Kaila Matthews,
I would like to see the bullying change.How the principle and concealer don't help when you tell them. My sister was threatened to be killed and the principle said let it go and did nothing. East Carters teachers on the other hand are great teachers and they care about your problems.
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I went there three years. It's an alright school... I made many friends! My senior year (this year) was the best
It is a nice school with friendly teachers. The counselor is always busy though so you better be able to figure things out on your own. The people are rather meh as are the opportunities, but it is a small town school so you shouldn't expect to much. Easy coursework as well. Sports seem to be the most important part of the school and is where most of the funds go which is just plain disappointing.
What I really like about the East Carter R-II School district is that everyone that you meet is respectful and kind. There are many people are willing to take some of their time and help out if there is something that is needed to be done. What I think needs to be changed or be different would be the school food because there are many complaints about what is made.
This school is becoming better with each passing year. Our school has started creating new clubs for students to join which is great because not everyone necessarily wants to play sports, we have just added in a game and chess club and we have newspaper as well. Sports are a big deal at this school, with good reason we have our sports teams compete at state often. Our staff is friendly and help the students when they need it. My experience here has been fairly easy going and I have learned a lot. I would love to see an advancement in our academics, however. We have several brilliant students and I want them to be able to take more difficult classes to help challenge them. Overall this school is about average and I have mostly enjoyed my time here my only complaint is the lack of advanced placement classes.
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