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the school was decent in the beginning of my academic career at preparing students for college. However the quality of education decreased a little over the years. I would like to see the school try harder at connecting students and involving them with extra curricular activities. In addition the school should strive to be the blue ribbon school it once was as well as improve it’s facilities such as adding air conditioning and new supplies to help students achieve academic success
Food's good, education is great. Teacher all care for every student and put in the effort to care for every student
I like the people here because everyone is motivated and determined. Through the encouragement of my peers, I was definitely able to push myself harder and take more difficult classes. I would like for the building itself to be more spacious.
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There are a variety of clubs and activities offered at the school. I enjoyed attending the sport events and attending the variety of school events.
I felt like a number. Too large of a school can get lost in the cracks. Could not find a way to connect with the teachers. It was a "fake" with very little interest to the individual. Only if you were a star athlete, academic guru, or exemplary were you noticed.
My experience with this school system was at most average. I was considered an average student meaning I didn’t matter to the schools. My sister has it worse. Being an average student, she also doesn’t matter. The fact that she gets debilitating chronic migraines puts her even lower on the systems scale of who matters. EBHS does not see chronic migraines as a serious illness. They have even gone so far as to threaten kids like her for not pushing themselves to attend classes. If you or someone you know has a child and you’re planning to send them here please don’t. I don’t wish any of this on anyone. It is utterly horrible how they treat migraines.
Being a former student, I can say that most teachers are not willing to help those who need help. And being 3 years out I’m sorry to say my sister is enduring the h*ll-hole. EBHS does not recognize sever chronic migraines as a serious illness and will fight an family going through the process. Chronic migraines are not just headaches that pain meds can just get rid of. It is debilitating, especially in lights, sounds, and by vertigo. EBHS has threatened my sister and others like her at the school for not pushing themselves to attend classes even while in the state. It has been a horrific battle to even keep her in school. If you or someone you know is planning on sending their kid to school with a debilitating issue such as migraines, please choose another school. I do not wish this stress upon anyone.
Very diverse student population, academics are strong, athletics are above average but not the same as they had been, there are a collection of certain teachers who go above and beyond to make their students successful, however there are also teachers who do not take such an initiative and do not make the most of their situation. The one suggestion to further improve on the education is to remodel the curriculum for middle school students, as there is the potential for much further academic success among more students if more of an effort were made in engaging students into future learning, so by the time students reach the high school, more students are eager to learn.
Blue ribbon school with excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. East Brunswick is incredibly diverse and will prepare all students to succeed in life.
This is an average high-school. There are teachers that are engaging and others there just to collect paychecks. The athletics are terrible-coaches have no interest in your well-being, just winning.
I think EBHS has a good academic reputation with some very excellent students. The high school is very diverse, with excellent racial diversity and students from all walks of life. I have no huge problem with the school as a whole, but the teachers range from people extremely passionate about their jobs to people who couldn’t want to be here less. Luckily, we have more of the former than the latter. The student body lacks school spirit, and although some students on Student Council try hard to improve spirit, our pep rallys and school spirit week end up a little lackluster.
I think that east Brunswick high school does a great job in preparing students for college it has a lot of resources that surrounding school districts do not have I like their video production class that they provide and also their after school curriculars although I wish they would add a little more sports I believe they have a lot of sports and other extra curricular to choose from this school has something for everyone and I would highly reccomend it
The curriculums help us prepare for college. Many topics that are covered in East Brunswick are not covered in other school districts. East Brunswick does a good job in keeping strangers out of school as we have constant ID checks. The counselors are very informative when it comes to standard tastings, requirements for graduating high school, and applying for college. There are many varieties of activities in gym class such as aerobics, yoga, and project adventure (team games). Our sport teams are organized and the coaches all work hard to keep all the teams together.
I personally really enjoyed the East Brunswick School District. The school district promoted excellent learning techniques, and it has shaped the student that I am today. The teachers, despite having large class sizes, had a great relationship with each and every student, and managed to help and care for us all as individuals. Since primary school I have been prepared and secured enough in what to expect so much so, that I already began to excel in the beginning of the next stage. The district truly cares about the level of education their students are receiving, as well as for the well being of their students. Guidance counselors, school assemblies, and clubs were offered to us as resources in any academic or personal issue we may have been facing. This district truly deserves the blue ribbon, as every single person in charge has proven that they care about their students.
The academics are extremely competitive. They offer many AP classes and excelled learning environment. This is a great school to go to because most teachers are nice and there is a diverse group of students that go here. I wish there were more art/design classes I could take to prepare for my college career.
I had an overall positive experience with East Brunswick Public Schools. As I am now a college student, I deeply appreciate the curriculum implemented throughout my time in East Brunswick as I feel as though it really prepared me for the workload in college. The English and Language departments were particularly phenomenal. Many of the teachers were approachable, hands-on, and very passionate and devoted to their jobs. The only recommendation I would make is for administration and the guidance department to be Moreno willing and prepared to connect on the school community as there is room for growth with some of the staff members.
East Brunswick is excellent. The teachers are nice and professional and the school is pretty diverse. East Brunswick in my opinion is has high academics without a highly competitive environment. There are many students, so you get to meet many new people every year. Also, I like that there are four different languages you can choose from, and there are variety of clubs and activities.
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I attended East Brunswick Public Schools from 2nd to 12th grade. EB can best be described as balanced but not excelling in any one area. There are athletics, clubs, and volunteer opportunities for students to get a well-rounded skillset. The schools themselves don't stand out for education but do offer a decent enough variety of courses beyond the standard school subjects.
The environment of East Brunswick public schools as a whole is everything I could have asked for in an education. Academically, athletically and socially I will never forget my unbelievable experiences that made me the well rounded person I am today.
I enjoy the habitat of the school even though there are some small issues with how the students treat each other.
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