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East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools Reviews

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Something I really like about the schools in my area is that they're really connected to the students and parents. They are concerned, wanting what is best for he children. Something that I would like to change is the protection over all the schools with more security.
I really really enjoyed Scotlandville Magnet High School. These last 4 years have been the best 4 years of my life thus far. The teachers are helpful and my peers are too! I wouldn’t trade my high school years for nothing.
Throughout EBRPPS, there was a lot of support with sports and academics with teachers and students with honors.
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As a student with East Baton Rouge Parish, i have enjoyed the experience and their amazing events to bring students together from different schools. They have made sure we are college ready and also gave us a fair amount of rest during holidays. I've been attending schools with EBR since day one and have had no problems with the system. In conclusion, i do no regret attending school from EBR.
I feel like the school system just passes some kids by and I didn't think they care about what we kids are learning.
It was okay could have been better. The food was okay, and so was the facuilty. It was not diverse. there was more african americans.
I love how my school is very diverse and we have many college readiness programs. We also have a courses at my school which is called advanced placement which allows students to gain college credit
I like my school environment and academic challenges, but the curriculum is falling behind other states. Though I go to one of the best schools in the parish, other student within my same parish are not getting the same educational opportunities. I strongly believe that the Louisianian school system needs to be changed in order to provide a better future for not only our state, but also our country.
I am a student that goes to Baton Rouge High and it's really a learning experience. Elementary was easy middle school a little challenging however high school is completely different. It can be very stressful at times but it's sole purpose is to prepare you for college.
My East Baton Rouge Public Schools for all 12 years has had its ups and downs.School wise and Learning environment is okay overall, but it could be 10 times better. A good start would be making kids wanting to get up and come to school. Alot of schools dont offer fun things like pep rallys . Schools should give students a break, specially high school students .
I love my school for the effort to have me college ready by challenging me academically every day and making me appreciate the importance of education
I attend Madison Prep and I love the atmosphere and how helpful the faculty is. I've attended this school for 3 years now and I'm now a senior and I've enjoyed every moment. My Principal is the BEST. I'm glad that my parents made the decision to send me there. I don't think I would have been as comfortable and involved in any other school like I am with Madison.Small school,very connected,and you feel the love when u walk in the door. Madison is my second home and i will always go back and visit.
My experience with East Baton Rouge Public Schools started when I was in elementary school and now I am a senior in high school. My experience has been great overall due to the administration of the schools i attended. Most were always willing to help you make the most of school and provide you with support. This school district is very concerned about the safety of the students especially on the days where the weather gets bad regarding hurricanes and snow days. Within this school district I would like to see a change in how quick they are to alert parents and bus drivers when there will be a school day canceled or a delay in what time we go to school due to the weather or emergencies. This is an issue because most times we wont know school is cancelled until the morning of and by then most people have already left the house and on the way to school. Despite this inconvenience I still say the East Baton Rouge Parish Public School District is pretty good for students to be apart of.
I have attended EBRPSS schools since kindergarten, and have loved almost all of my teachers and faculty and staff. I was supported, my dreams were supported, and I was pushed to work harder, learn more, and understand ethic and my self worth as a professional.
I liked that the teachers actually care about our grades. If your grades were not at a great expectation they'll sit you down and tell you can improve.
Overall I have had a good experience with ebr. With anything you have some areas that could be improved but all three of my children have come through the system. I am also a former employee of ebr school system. My mother is a retired teacher from the parish.
Well organized system for the students and faulty. I went to Northeast High School in the East Baton Rouge School System. Northeast is a wonderful school for students who seek real education.
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The East Baton Rouge Parish School system offers an excellent academic program that will fully prepare children for college and life by setting strict deadlines and giving college level assignments.
The experience is horrible. Everyone has attitudes and it's not a friendly environment. You can't even feel safe there.
I have always had an excellent experience being apart of the East Baton Rouge Parish schools system and will never trade it for anything in the world.
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