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They have done great at making special accommodations for my brother and I however sometimes it has been extremely hard to find the right people.
This will be my fourth year, attending a school within the East Allen County district, and it has been an overall positive experience. During the Covid-19 pandemic, East Allen County Schools have been very mindful of their student’s health and overall well being. The school has been following CDC guidelines, in order to ensure their students remain in good health. Despite this, school lunches aren’t very nutritional. Students are not able to receive proper nutrition from the provided lunches. Due to this, most students must pack their lunches. On the contrary, East Allen County Schools is generally above average, with a 17:1 student-teacher ratio. Overall, this is a small ratio.
As a student interested in the scientific field, I adore the sheer amount of of classes available to take in that subject. Options like Project Lead The Way offers an in depth look into the field of science, and I believe taking these classes will help me greatly in the future. Despite this, though, there are also a few downsides to attending an East Allen County School, such as; poor safety precautions, limited classes in other subjects, and hard to reach administrators. Those these things can sometimes be hinderances, I have had a good high school experience overall.
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East Allen county schools is a very large district. I believe it is too large which often provides problems across all the four schools within this district. Another problem I see with EACS is that they provide poor technology for its students. I have had the same iPad for the last four years and I still have not been able to fully use it in school or at home. Another problem is that sometimes the weather will be more severe in different areas of the county, but EACS will only make a cancellation decision based on the whole area rather than one school whose roads are terrible and not safe. Besides that they have many positives and continue to produce great students who will make a difference in the future and they care for all students no matter race, intelligence, or status.
All of the teachers and staff do a great job at creating a welcoming environment. Coming from a different school, I felt welcome at all times.
My experience with EACS has been incredible. I’ve loved growing up with a great community of support around me. The teachers are friends to the students and that really helps develop a trust and respect between the two. The opportunities, such as dual credit, offered are something that no other schools have. We have so many different college classes available to us starting our sophomore year. I feel like this has prepared me thoroughly for the next four years of my life. One thing I wish were a little better are our resources. We have iPads which I think are great, but outside of that we are a little limited. Sometimes even printing can be a struggle. It’d be nice to get some updated equipment that would facilitate every day activities for everyone. I also think that some renovations could be in order. The bathrooms could use some upgrades in my opinion, along with the gymnasiums. The gyms have remained unchanged for years and I believe it’s time to catch up with the times.
I go to Leo Jr./ Sr. High school. Most classes and teachers are generally good, however priorities as far as the facilities need some work. Water damaged ceiling tiles lose out over getting a new turf football field. The use of their budget doesn’t entirely make sense
I like how welcoming the community is. I also like all of the job opportunities in the area. The internship programs at our school are wonderful. I know many fellow classmates that started the program having zero clue what they wanted to go into and the internship helped them in so many ways. Our school is also pretty diverse which is another factor I love. Leo high school specifically does a good job if making sure no student is left behind. Which I value. I am involved in the music program and wish the school would pay more attention to the arts in general. That is the only negative thing, the school is very sports oriented.
I like that’s they are focus on students education and not just on there behavior as much. I also like how the teachers and administrators care about the students and like the to succeed in life. I think that they are already improved and don’t need to change.
I love that I can feel safe and know that we have a system that keeps intruders out of our school. I would like to see more activities throughout the week.
I am a senior at Woodlan High School. I've attended Woodlan all four years of high school. I would describe my experience as average. The school is small but well taken care of with a motivated faculty. I feel that Woodlan has adequately prepared me for college. There are many options for extracurricular activities and involvement with the school. The food has never been great, but it is not terrible. The only problem I have had with the school is that I feel that the dress code can be unreasonable and overly strict and confining. At times, I feel that girls are unfairly targeted. For example, the school is unnecessarily strict when it comes to short, skirt, and dress length. Also, cold shoulder shirts are very targeted when they really do not need to be.
I went to EAU and the teachers there were so invested in our lives. They seemed like they wanted to be there every day and that made me feel like.i wanted to be there.
Overall, I have been lucky to grow up in the East Allen County School district. I’ve felt safe, learned lots, and had fun over the years.
East Allen county schools is a fine school district. I believe they spend their money on the wrong things. They have good staff for teaching and they do their best. They spend more money on athletics than they should. Some of the schools are going downhill while they spend money on athletics.
They had a really good academics, but if the extracurricular activities you were in was not sports then they didn't really care about it.
These schools are great schools with great opportunities. I do however feel that the administration and staff of this school have slipped into a comfort zone and not demanded greatness or discipline. They could be great if they pushed for greatness.
It is a good school district with a quality education. The only downside is the size of the school, which limits the course options available.
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The aspects of East Allen County Schools that have very positive impact on their students is that the leaders are hard workers, and they were not all about a big administration overruling the rest of the teachers and students. Areas that definitely need to be changed are the attitudes they have towards some students rather than others. For example, certain ethnicities are allowed to break some rules, while other ethnicities have to follow all the rules. Another example is that some of our leaders claim to be for education; however, they are not willing to be flexible with students in unique situations or have certain physical conditions in order to let them pursue their education to their full ability. Lastly, as is a common problem in our nation, there is an unbelievable amount of testing. I have witnessed the impact of all the standardized testing on myself and others. It has caused anxiety, frustration, and less motivation to come to school and give full effort.
I have went to many different schools throughout my life, but I have experienced many of those years with East Allen. The schools need to be sure to ready their students more for the real world. I would like to see students being helped more by guidance conselors so they know exactly what to do when it comes to applying to college so the process is not so stressful. Also within English classes, kids need to learn more basics of citing and things like that before reaching high school.
East Allen University helps me with time management and always reminds me to keep checking my grades. At first I hated going there because there was too much homework and I just wanted to go to school with my friends. As time went by I realized how helpful EAU was. My sophomore year, i realized that I should be appreciative because this school is only hard because of college courses. After 4 years you’ll get both ur high school diploma and your associates degree. It gets you more ready for college.
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