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I liked all of the activities I was able to be involved in and all of my friends there. I would have like to see more Honors/AP courses/College in high school courses.
What I enjoy about the East Allegheny School District is that I get to go to an arts school which is located in the district (which are what my ratings are based on). One thing I would personally change is the bus transportation system. Some of the bus drivers don't always have the best attitude, I personally feel that when working with kids, personal issues should be put aside until a later time until the kids are gone. This making sure the negative energy is not rubbed onto them.
EAST Allegheny School District is a wonderful school. The staff is always there to help when a student is in need. I would like to see the football staff care more for the talents of each student.
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We have really exceptional teachers. They show that they care through their dedication to their craft. The schools are in a declining state and in need of repair. There are more poorly behaved students there than you might expect.
I liked the teachers at the school the most. There is many good teaching and very good people as teachers. They have pushed me to a very good student. The school dress code needs to be changed.
The highschool is so outdated and dirty it’s ridiculous. The staff was either amazing or terrible there was no in between. I was in honors classes transferred to another school and I was like a grade behind the non honors kids. EA doesn’t get kids ready for college at all.
East Allegheny has a lot to improve on. Sports are great. The school is diverse but thw curriculum needs to improve.
I am EA alum and now parent. Like many places-the education is there if you want it. If anything, I feel that because EA lacked some of the resources that wealthier districts have, it made me more college prepared. It taught me how to find things I needed to succeed. That in combination with exceptional teachers made me successful. Most of my class have all gone on to college and post graduate degrees. Kids today are all entitled and the parents help to instill this. Do the work and get the payoff. It takes work and dedication. I'm sick of EA catching a bad rap. GO WILDCATS!
East Allegheny High School is not as bad as people make it out to be. The reason I say this is because many of my teachers actually cared about their students. Whether it was Honors Government with Mr. Edwards, AP English with Ms. Chenot, or Pre Calc with Ms. Sippey. I can genuinely say the teachers I had throughout high school cared about my future and wanted me to succeed.
I have been in the district all of life. It's an okay school. Great teachers! I started off in the primary school and went all the way up. They should've built a new high school instead of a middle school but it still was a good school. I graduated in 2016 in a small class.
The school itself honestly isn't that bad, except for the budget problem. The school is in bad condition and is more likely to close in a few years than last and it makes sense since it's never been remodeled since it's been opened. I know the janitors work very hard to keep the school clean but it tends to get out of hand when the students trash the whole place everyday. I can honestly say the school would be a lot better if the students weren't actually pigs.
Make the facility better AND better teachers also have more collage readiness make a better work environment for student more elective classes and make the teachers what us to learn
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