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What I like about Earle High School is that they care a lot about there students. Even though we only have nomore than 300 students at our school everyone there have a big heart and care for one another. I feel like EHS can improve by selecting a better choice of teachers that they choose because I don’t learn as much with the ones they have there.
Ill start with what I would like to change . Over these four years ive attended Earle High School the teacher selection hasn't been steady. Every year im having different teachers and that gets frustrating . Also the school needs more rewards. Kids work hard but we have no incentives to actually work hard. What I like about the school is everybody know everybody. Its no strangers. Also there are some very good and smart teachers there don't mind going out they way to help. Great personalities. Great spirits. Teachers stay extra hours to help with extra curricular ideas that us students have. Its an great environment. Very competitive school . A lot of excitement and personality.
When I was an high school and middle school student of Earle High School, i enjoy the teachings and learned a lot. the teacher are very knowledgeable about their subjects and willing to help every student in anyway possible to become successful. what i would like to see change is the diversity of the students and teachers.
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Earle School District is an awesome school! Being an athlete from Earle means a lot. The school spirit is high.
We need to work on teacher retention so the students and teachers build a better apport with one another and their learning is not so up and down. Just as they're getting used to one teacher and system, they have to readapt to another one. The faculty and administration need to work on exposing the students to various learning styles and allow the student to choose what works best for them. We all learn differently and a student needs to be met where they are. The students also need the adminiatration, faculty, and staff working together and getting along. They need demonstrate the behavior they expect from the students.
My overall experience been very good. I moved to Earle, AR to stay with my dad after my mother’s death. It was a very hard time for me, but the environment at Earle High School has treated me so good. The teachers push me to do my very best. They are getting me ready for college. The students are very motivated to pursue the goals in life. I play baseball and tennis. I made it to state in tennis this season and I’m I have been the team captain of the baseball team for the past 3 years. With that being said, Earle is a very small town, but I have to insure you that we have a lot of talent all-around.
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