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Eanes Independent School District Reviews

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The best school district in Austin and surrounding areas. We are so happy to be a part of this great community where excellence is their standard. This school district still offers Latin where many other schools have decided to phase it out and offers high levels of math and science as well as many great electives.
The curriculum is very accomplished as well as the students. Very competitive atmosphere. The teachers are primarily the best of the best with a few exceptions. The counselor are not very applied to to student and have the same lunch schedule as students as well as getting off work before the end of school. This makes it difficult to see them.
Eanes provides individual student support throughout the educational journey. From K to 12 they have resources for special needs, gifted, challenged, whatever type of student.
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As a student, I owe all of my success to this school district in community. At an early age, they found I has a disability within a few days of enrollment. The support they offered me from kindergarten to 12th grade was remarkable. They always had an eye and made sure I was doing what was need, but we’re never afraid to push me to my true potential. The extracurricular are fantastic! At every ages students are encourage to get involved in anything from athletics, study abroad programs, robotics and even more. This school district also does a great job of getting student to they truly want to go for college. When applying to my university I attend today, It wasn’t a challenge when it came to getting my recommendation letters and advice on how to get in. Not to forget they also made me develop fallback plans in case I wasn’t accept. Make no mistake, Eanes ISD is worth every penny!
An amazing district filled with teachers that love their job and care about their students. Plenty of opportunities to excel in whatever you love.
Great District and the best in Texas! Great teachers and students along with amazing facilities and clubs/activities. Friday night lights are amazing and the fine arts department is incredible!
Eanes has been incredible. Not only does it have an incredible reputation, but it prepares students well for their next life adventures. For the most part, I've had positive experiences. Their staff members are mostly fanstastic and they do well helping students achieve whatever they may desire. My critic for Eanes would be that they need to focus more on mental health help for students because in such a competitive district, it's easy to become overwhelmed and many kids don't know how to handle it. In addition, I've expirenced several terrible staff members holding high positions in schools
Great district. Excels both in academics as well as sports. The community is very involved. The location is quite convenient and lunch is pretty good. If cafeteria food doesn't suit you, there are plenty of places to eat nearby.
Eanes school district is one like no other with there high school football team and the special things that all of the kids get to do!
I've had a great experience as a student in this district. The one negative thing as that once you get to high school, unless you are taking an AP class you can expect your teachers to be coaches who will be away during their sport season. In general the teachers are very supportive but the classes are so competitive between students.
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