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The school is very old and needs to be either remodeled or rebuilt. Some teachers are great while others don’t really seem to care about how they’re teaching. It is also a very small school with 1000+ students. Which means that hallways could get very crowded. The school does have a lot of good programs to offer.
I have gone to Eagle Point High School for 3 years, I am in my third year. The education isn’t the best, I wish there were improvements to the classrooms and the curriculum. The classrooms are small, overcrowded, and never have terrible heating. Recently there have been improvements to the tech area of the school but nothing else. I wish for more improvements, educational and building.
My experience at Eagle Point High School was pretty average socially however on the logistical side of their education was a different story. The administration feels like a chicken with it's head cut-off. The lack of a good relationship with administration (Principles and higher ranking members) and students impacted the atmosphere of the school. Education is not a strong-suit for the district and improvements are being made however in the wrong direction then what the student body or teachers feel they need to be. Overall Eagle Point High School is not a recommended school to enroll your students at.
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I was a student for 4 years in Eagle Point High School and before then growing up in the District system but recently as a new graduate was sorely disappointed in my final year in District 9. In the school I was a part of leadership, student council, FFA, Skills USA, and LINK. Through these programs I had hoped that I would have the ability to change the environment that out school had become apart of. Alongside many others I have expressed concerns about the fact that at least in the high school they began to enforce issues like the dress code and tardy's as though they were a top priority in a students education. But in a greater aspect is that there are more pressing matters to be considered and focused on. Issues that include but are not limited to the following; discrimination, racism, bullying, suicide, mental health, and drug abuse. I was sorely disappointed that I had to finish my final year with such little faith in the future of the district.
There are few teachers that put in the work and effort that they expect out of student. Only a few classes actually prepare you for college, but even some of the AP classes there aren’t textbooks because of low budget. It seems that sports seem to be the main option to focus on. Oregon is one of the lowest rank state schools, so I feel the school should be putting in the extra funds that go towards sports. The facilities are very old and need updated. I also feel that they should have more counselors, so that students get more one on one.
It is okay, not the safest district by far. It is more out of what the teachers and staff want then what the students want
Most of the teachers are willing to help, unfortunately we end up with a new principal each year. And somehow we’ve gone through 3 over the summers
The teachers can be very nice there but there are just some classes I would love to take but they don't offer.
I would like to see change in the dynamic of grading and assignments. This district allows students to take a test multiple times and not be docked any points for doing so and it allows students to turn in an assignment late without consequences as well. This does not prepare anyone for college life. In fact it gives teenagers a false perception of how schools and work will be in the future.
Other than the administration in the school district, Eagle Point is a fine high school. They have had some great sports teams and always hire coaches with plent of experience.
School district 9 is honestly a great school district because the teachers make it worth while. Our community doesn't have the greatest living situations, but the school works hard to provide as much for those students that need help. The state of Oregon doesn't have the greatest rules as far as what teachers can do and teach making it harder for the teachers, but they make the best of it. My teachers are motivating and are there for the students. They come to teach us important facts and things that will help us in life. I may not always love this place, but it has helped make me who I am. We have many programs to help kids struggling in their classes and who are struggling with college things. We also have many support groups and are very supportive of being who you are. Overall Eagle Point School District 9 is a great school district with supportive people and great teachers that teach to the best of their abilities.
Good Principals and a few excellent teachers. EPHS offers ways to get college credits while in high school, but would like to see more electives offered.
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