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My experience with the Dysart Unified School Dystrict is coming to an end. I have spent the past couples years throughout elementary school and high school in this district, and now it’s coking to an end. As I am reaching the last months of high school, I am able to reflect on this district. I experienced many friendships and activities throughout the years that will indefinitely follow me throughout life. I have made lasting friendships and learned about myself while growing not only as a student, but also an individual. However if I could change one thing about the Dusart Unified School District, it would be to challenge me more. I feel I have been given basic, generalized concepts that have not given me a challenge I need to grow in my education. I do not feel prepared in my knowledge and education enough to go into college with strong habits and knowledge needed.
I like this district because it provides me with many opportunities for college readiness. My counselor is very involved and intrigued by my options and opinions.
The teachers in Dysart Unified School District genuinely seem to care about their students' well-being and try to educate us to the best of their ability, however, the quality of teaching lacks and the counselors are not helpful at all in college searching.
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Dysart has not only prepared me for the future of my education, but given me many ways to grow and expand as a student.
They are very helpful and will try to help in every situation that they possibly can so that all conflicts are resolved as quickly and as safely as possible
I've grown up in the Dysart district since kindergarten and the teachers were okay in middle school but once I went to high school the teachers are awful, the students aren't any better I really wouldn't recommend the Dysart district to anyone
For the most part , Dysart is an average school district. I ama senior in high school and have been in this district since 3rd grade. I feel that if you want a safe environment and nice diversity this is your district. If you want a good football team, you should go somewhere else
I would like to see it change a lot to be honest. The ways that some teachers are teaching are horrible. It seems like some of them haven't really taught before. I'm just trying to tell the truth and I agree how some teachers are like teaching from bell to bell is unnecessary. I just want to be taught hands on or it doesn't have to be but at least teach us thoroughly.
I've been in the Dysart Unified School District since 6th grade up until now. Over the many years I've been here, the teachers were amazingly helpful, and motivating. They're main goals were always to help us graduate and be the best person we can be. I don't think this District should change anything. They had amazing award ceremonies, field trips, field days, and more! I've very happy and grateful to be in the District.
I have been in the Dysart Unified district since the 5th grade. Good teachers and programs. There is alot of diversity with the teacher and student ratios. There are alot of different options for extra curricular activities and sports programs.
I feel that this district offers multiple opportunities that students can partake in, but due to the lack of funding, it also limits students to a smaller variety.
The Dysart Unified School District is a great district that cares and values the importance of education for it's students. I have been attending schools in this district since kindergarten and I have never failed to notice their efforts in always doing what they can to create a wonderful learning experience.
The Dysart Unified School District definitely has some work to do when it comes to background checking teachers and picking the only the most qualified to teach. Within the past 4 years of attending Valley Vista High School several teachers have been fired because of scandals with current students and former students. Although some awful things have occurred, most of the teachers at Valley Vista and the rest of the Dysart District seem very dedicated to their work and are doing the most for their students. The security on campus over the past 4 years has grown do to the horrible things happening across the United States. Safety is one of the main priorities in the Dysart District and although the steps we take everyday may seem annoying and strict to most students, we all know that it is in our best interest to abide by the rules.
Dysart schools are terrible and have teachers who do not care about your education or teaching you. All they care about is their pay checks. They have teachers who barley show up to school.
My experience in this school district has been great, the staff and teachers have been very good to me over the past years. I recommend this district to any students or parents that have any questions regarding the purity of it.
I would like to see better scheduled events and days, To make better use of everyones time. Dysart is very good with making sure there are good programs for students. It should just be more organized. They need more people to plan ahead and actually think about what is being done. The teachers are good but could be better, they care but not enough. The higher level classes offered is great but they should also focus on lower level classes and make them great.
I loved the high school I attended (Shadow Ridge High School) went their all four years and would recommend it to anyone. I was an athlete there and loved the spirit the school had to offer along with the admin and how supportive they have been through my journey there.
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The Dysart Unified School District does everything it can to keep the kids attending safe and to make sure they get a great education. They are very strict on their enforced rules and obey them as they are told. The one thing I would change differently is the food.
The Dysart Unified School District has been my educational home for the past 12 years. Throughout my involvement within my transitional years of elementary to high school within this district, I have seen the good, bad, and ugly. The longer I have been in the district, I have witnessed the reluctant attitudes from the administration and their unwillingness to change. As more and more time goes on, the student body lacks the interest to show school spirit and be involved with school functions. The youth no longer looks at school as a place of imagination and emotional freedom, but instead, it is seen as a place that they are ridiculed for just simply being themselves. This district has shown me that I am not alone in some of my everyday struggles, but has also made me afraid to become all that I am meant to be, because I won't be accepted, appreciated, or wanted.
I like the community and the fun times. The education could have been better, and the teachers could have too. Overall I Really did enjoy my time and I learned a lot.
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