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Dyersburg City School District Reviews

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Dyersburg City School District offers many opportunities to their students. Not only does the Dyersburg City School District have numerous sports to choose from, it also has a variety of classes for their students to take.
The town and school of dyersburg is small and very biased or rigged. If you want to be “popular” or get into clubs or sports all you have to do is be somebody well known around town or be friends with those people. Talent, personality, or true interest in something hardly get you anywhere.
It's a great school and the facilities are very nice. There is something for everyone at these schools. The teachers are all helpful. Very top notch. Competitors from other schools brag on the facilities at Dyersburg. What a blessing to be a part of.
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I like being able to be with my friends every day, and I appreciate being able to get an education, but I do not enjoy having to go to a school that is mediocre and stresses me out every day.
Dyers burg school system is very we'll organized. They are very open and located in downtown. The college isn't far from the high school which is great. They have so great food around town. Traffic in the morning can be a little funny but it is always great. The park is amazing and people are always there.
This was a very strong and healthy place for me throughout the years. I do not think that i would be where i am today without this place.
I loved going through the Dyersburg city school district I attended k-12 and loved knowing everyone I went to school with you become close to everyone and it doesn't matter how long you have been there you become part of the family. Only down fall is it a small town and the food it horrible.
I pick this school because it's in a smaller town an the people are very helpful when it comes to getting this done an for everyone who have problems with your aid going here they will help you out and won't have you wondering with your money. This is s great school.
Too much dress code leaders blah blah stupid stuff like that
I have the lunch it's descusting I have never had something so bad
My overall educational experience in the Dyersburg City School System has been a very positive one. I have had great teachers who have helped me be the successful student I am today, and the administration at each school I have attended have always wanted the students to feel safe, cared for and while trying to make school as fun and challenging as possible. As a student athlete, one change I would like to see happen in the future is for all on campus sporting events to be free for all the students to attend at Dyersburg High School. So many of our students can not afford to pay for three nights of gate fees for various home games. They want to support their school, but must make a choice on which sporting events to attend because of the expense.
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