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I was a student in the Dyer County School District from Pre-K through 12th grade. The system helped prepare me for college and allowed me opportunities such as early post secondary education and clubs that greatly influenced my college decisions.
Iwish they would give as much attention to the arts programs and JROTC as they did the sports programs. These programs are just as important and help students learn and earn scholarship money to continue their education. Choir, Band, Theater and JROTC deserve as much respect as the sports programs but since they don't bring money into the school like football and basketball they don't get the acknowledgement deserved.
My four years at Dyer County have been very pleasant due to great faculty and staff. The administration as well as teachers truly care about the student's education and Dyer County High as a whole. The teachers are highly qualified in their fields. They are also quick to give students one on one time in order to make sure they understand the content. There is also after and before school tutoring for those students falling behind as well as those students who want to keep their grade up.
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Dyer County has a small town feel and experience with AAA high school. Teachers are genuine and supportive.
Dyer County has helped me achieve my academic excellence that I have had all four years of high school. I have also kept above a 3.0 GPA my entire high school career. I personally love Dyer County school system. Some teachers are better than others, but that is normal at schools. The administration i said wonderful along with the faculty. My experience in this school system has overall been very helpful.
The school system has been absolutely wonderful helping us with our two kids. We absolutely love having the kids in this school system. They have helped so much with food allergies and a special needs child.
I love dyer county, we are basically a family. The teachers love the kids and care a lot about us and want all of us to to do our best. We have a great community that support in all sports and community events.
Dyer county is an amazing school to attend the size is pretty normal, everyone is nice, the teachers are always willing to help the students any way possible. We have multiple clubs, examples are Leo club, chess club, HOSA club, etc. AAA sports, 4 time national cheerleading champions. The school is very nice and clean inside and out.
Dyer County System cares about their students as a individual not as a number. Most of th faculty know the students on a first name basis and I like that.
Dyer County is a place I call home. I have lived here my whole life. Newbern is a small town in Dyer County, it is so peaceful. At Dyer County High School we have two twenty minute breaks. That gives you enough time to get a snack, get community service hours, relax from tests and work and have a few minutes to yourself. My favorite thing at lunch is our potato bar. My school is big on Sports, Academics, and Clubs and Activities. We have a variety of teachers in just about every subject. Our school is big on getting students prepared for college. The Administration patrols inside and out of Dyer County. We have many resources if you need any help at all. Many of the Parents are involved in our facility. This is what i consider home.
I love myself school district. All the schools of which I've grown and passed through helped me grow and transition into the aspiring, ambitious, and diligent student I strive to be and continue to be. They have set me up for nothing, but the best success
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