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The duxbury school district is a very close knit community that focuses on the bond between students and teachers. The classes are challenging yet manageable thanks to the help of the highly supportive teachers. It provides a positive atmosphere ideal for learning.
I think that Duxbury High School gave me a very good education and allowed me to learn as much as I could. They also gave me many tools and opportunities to learn and to grow. Some things that I did not enjoy about Duxbury High School was how the student atmosphere was almost unapproachable. Everyone had their own clique and there was also a lot of drug use.
I think Duxbury prepares their students very well for their life beyond high school. The academic environment is challenging and competitive, just like college. The school has also integrated technology very well, as every student from 8-12 grade has their own MacBook Air laptop, that they take to and from every day. Most of our assignments are done and submitted online, which makes being organized an easier task. The one challenge for me was the pressure of being in such a good school system. I was an average student, and always felt pressure from the others around me doing so much better, and the pressure led to anxiety. Although, in the long run, it has taught me how to deal with challenging work and stress management.
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Duxbury High School has given me the best four years of my life and memories that will last a lifetime. Between sports and the education I have received, I couldn't feel more prepared for the next step in my life.
While attending Duxbury High, I really enjoyed the integration of technology that many teachers use. Considering students have computers at their disposal, I would like to see less paper used in the school to reduce the schools' ecological footprint.
Duxbury Public Schools has excellent educational opportunities. The high school offers a variety of different courses and levels, as well as lots of elective options. The sports teams are amazing, and most of them go to state finals each year. Additionally, the school has a phenomenal music program for grades 5-12 that has been recognized as one of the best in the nation five years in a row. The high school also has great clubs such as drama, art club, Best Buddies, She's the First, multicultural club, and so much more. In 2014 construction on the new combined middle and high school was completed and the building is amazing. Each student grades 7-12 receive their own MacBook Air laptop and the classrooms are equipped with the newest technology. One thing that I wish I could change about the Duxbury Public Schools is the diversity of the students, since it is a predominantly white district.
Duxbury has a small beach town atmosphere. There are only several stores in the entire town and people are generally very friendly, during the winter months life in Duxbury is slow, but summer time if full of excitement. Locals often visit the local Ice cream stores , go low tide clamming and fish from the longest wooden bridge in MA. The Public Schools are beautiful, recently built and have a high academic standard.
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