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I believe that Duval Public schools should focus more on helping students who are come from less financially stable backgrounds. Providing better after school care, free lunches for those who qualify, and better study services.
In my opinion of my time being at duval county schools has been normal. nearing high school it is negative how they try to aid their students when it comes to preperation for the sat.
At my school, my teachers are wonderful. They know how to teach their children, they are very kind and understanding, and they are easy to talk to. They are my friends too; I could joke with them and just talk. There's a lot of diversity in my school, within the students and teachers. However, they could do something about safety. We have a lot of fights and there should be more enforcement. We also get a lot of threats, shooting and bomb threats. However, I do feel okay with college readiness. I'm in a program that is meant to prepare us for college and with the hard work it put me through, it sure did.
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I have been to a few of the best schools in Duval County from elementary to high school. They have all been magnet schools and really prepare you to succeed. The teachers have been great instructors and really help you to grasp the subject matter that you are learning. The school that I currently go to is one of the best high schools in the country. It really challenges you to do your best and has an excellent college readiness program.
Duval schools always keep you informed of upcoming changes, educational opportunities and activities in our community. You are provided with key factors for success.
The school is very big and the teachers are very educated. Atlantic Coast has a wide range of diversities and you can meet a lot of new people. The teacehers are very persistent in students' education, and assure that students will get their best education. The cafeteria food is devine and the workers dilligently cook the food in order to make the best lunch.
My experience with Duval County was fine. I never really had any issues or problems with them. They have always fixed problems when someone has complained. If there is an issue at a school like a bomb threat or something, they always keep the parents updated when some new information comes out.
Duval County Public Schools can be a greater county if they spent more money on materials for various classes.
The content of the lessons is fantastic, but some of the educators either make learning more of hassle than it should be or just take the fun out of learning.
As a former Duval County Public School student I've experienced the highs and the lows of the school district. There was always something to do on a Friday night or even during the week. Team spirit all around with anything sport from volleyball to Friday night Lights. Teachers were at the top of their game and always helped when we needed it.
Duval county is where many different children have the opportunity to connect with each other whether it’s early college or magnet schools ever kid in Duval county knows each which makes it so great
Overall, all of the schools that I have attended in the school district of duval county has been fairly good. Some schools could use better hygiene such as having toilet paper and soap in the restrooms. However, my experience with the teachers has been very good since most teachers that I have encountered resulted in a positive outcome. Although my experiences with teachers has been good, I feel like other staff members such as guidance counselors could improve.
As I graduated I was very happy with how far my school had come from my freshman year but still didn't feel the safest or education focused at some points.
Since moving from Miami, FL and the Dade County Public School District, I did not think I would like being in Jacksonville. My experience with Duval County Public School has been great. My school is safe and the district really works hard to make sure of that! I attend Samuel Wolfson High School for Advanced Studies and the highlight of my day is being with great friends and I am getting the best education!
Worst schools is done in the state of Florida! I can't imagine anyone wanting to send their kids to the school system! You do not want them teaching your children .
Teacher involvement levels need to be raised, especially at schools that teach in low income areas. The students and most of the teachers at the school are wonderful. ... I feel that teachers should be able to submit feedback about school leadership and the socio-emotional team to DCPS directly.
I went to school in Duval County for 8 years and had the best time of my life. The schools and teachers offered a welcoming environment where I could learn and grow as a person. I met many life-long friends that made my experience unforgettable. I had to move away to Colorado right before my senior year and I missed it immensely.
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Duval county as a whole is average, but stanton college preparatory school is wonderful. The education earned and the friends made in the four years spent there are invaluable. Most of the teachers care about the students as people and are not just there for a pay check.
I wish that there was more involvement into attaining better resources for students and having more interactive classrooms. Some teachers do not teach at all and just assign work and they do not teach so it is just a waste of time. There needs to be more personalized teaching for students and teachers need to be more adaptable to students needs and their different learning styles and not all students learn the same.
Duval County Public Schools is a great school system with lots ambitious students. However, the school building are old and run down.
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