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more passionate teachers and more real world interactive classes that help atleast highschool students to know wha they want or have an idea of what tey want to do when they come out of highschool
The school district paid close attention to our needs and supplied us with textbooks and computer carts for learning purposes.
My most favorite part about Duval county public schools was that I had the option to do college classes while in high school. That was my most favorite because I was able to get my college credits and be close to my degree rather than having to take everything through FSCJ while I was getting my degree there. I think duval schools is a good academic public schools county. They taught the students everything that they needed to learn to be successful in school.
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Duval County Public Schools does their best to help students graduate high school and begin their journey's to college or start their careers. I have had a great experience with Duval County, but their needs to be administrative changes to make sure all schools are doing the best they can to help students. There also needs to be more correction and discipline for students who do not behave or do well in school. The school district seems to be a bit unorganized and needs some new administration or ideas to help get the ball rolling and make the schools in the county as successful as they can be. Although, Duval County offers students numerous opportunities to get involved in their community and extra curricular activities. Students need only take the initiative to get involved and participate.
i love my school i been there for 3 years. im also in the band and its everything to me. i love how friendly the staff out i feel loved. i think that everyone there loves me and i know a lot of people. i get very excited to go to school to get my education and i get to see all my friends
My experience has been very good with ducal county public schools. Although they could use more programs and clubs at some of the schools to help the students feel more welcome and accepted than feeling like an outcast. Also, the parents need to be more involved in the school and their children’s academic life.
One thing about Duval county public schools that I can credit is that they now have a free and reduced lunch program allowing all kids to be able to receive some nutrition during the school day. Other than that duval county public schools lack lots of necessities. For example the teachers lack interest in educating students. As a student I tend to hear things from teachers that I never thought would ever cross their minds. In th classroom in front of all of the students her exact words were “ We do not get paid enough to give y’all a good quality education”. Those words only proved that she was not teaching to her best ability to educate the students but only for the check that some teachers have told me they received every other week on Friday. Not only that but most people would agree that in Duval county public schools we are given too many standardized tests throughout the school year which causes more stress to students causing more students to drop out.
I have attended Duval County Public Schools all thirteen years of my school experience. The county is too large so it is difficult to maintain. The county also has the tendency to spend money on programs that are similar to preexisting ones, so it is pointless. The ciriculum is also changed often which makes learning not consecutive and can become confusing. However, the county is good at compensating for the low income families that need support in making sure their children have at least two meals a day and have a basic education.
One of my siblings actually attended a high school in Duval County and graduated, successfully. However, prior to his graduation when he attended--which was two years--my family and I had a difficult time getting him enrolled.
I like all the event duval has during my time being here. The football games, cookouts and etc are exciting.
Overall my experiences in the Duval County Public School System were good experiences. I loved my teachers and enjoyed extracurricular programs such as chorus and student government. Their online branch DVIA is also very innovative and a great alternative for students.
the county needs to listen to the student body. the school board doesnt listen to us at all. and the lunches suck!
I like that Duval County public schools is the diversity of students and teachers. I have recive a very good education and they ahve great programs.The only thing i would change is a better food distribution to students.
The thing that I like the most about Duval is the fact that I get to make new friends in I get to learn new things that I didn't even no about also I also get to explore new things that Duval has to effort. I also get to know me better
Duval County school systems is very advanced in allowing and paving the way for students too become involved in their communities. DCPS has many ways to easily access resources for parents and students! When it comes to the school atmosphere there major improvements that are needed and as well as with the food provided for the students. Another thing to improved upon is teacher appreciation. These are some of the positive aspects and some improvements that should be considered for wonderful DCPS.
the safety needs to be fixed. the bomb threats and shooting threats need to be taken more seriously and the consequences should be harsher, it is absolutely ridiculous.
I enjoyed my High School experience. The school environment is good. The Administrative staff is excellent. I love our principal, he is stern yet fair. He wants nothing but the best for the students and staff. The school is very diverse. The teachers are very knowledgeable and down to earth. They stay after school for tutoring and they make it easy for the students to talk to them about almost anything,
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Duval County Schools is almost close to perfect, the only thing I would think about changing is the food the school provides for students. We should have a larger variety of choices.
What I like about my schools is really everything about it and I wouldn’t dare change anything about my school.
I have recieved a wonderful education so far. The teachers are very attentive, and there are many programs for advanced students.
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