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I would like to see an improvement in resources for all students and a more organized transportation system
I would like to see DPS set up like WCPS! School system is bad, Diversity is extremely poor, not many opportunities for the A.A culture, Staff is not so good everyone leaving to go to a better county.
no criminals in the school and more AP options, for lower grade levels.Definetly food gotta be improved because the food is not good and not healthy and i dont get the impression that dps is making a big effort for the sanitary in the kitchen and the general school facility
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My experience with Durham Public Schools (DPS) has been pretty good. Being a student at Riverside high school has allowed me to take AP leveled engineering classes.
Durham public schools need work they have a growing population as the city grows but the teachers there are underpaid and the administration are way to overbearing.
The schools associated with DPS are amazing. Along with that DPS has taken all types of actions to be better connected with the students that attend their schools. For example DPS has official twitter and instagram accounts giving us real time updates on delays, weather reports, etc.
I've been in DPS for all of my life, and I have had a good experience in all of the schools I have attended there.
Coming from a high school that was college ready since freshman year in Texas the Durham public schools was a big let down . The schools are no where near ready for college and I feel no longer ready. The school I am now registered at is not the best school they do very little for the transfer students and have little to do with the students.
Northern High School is a wonderful school! The administration and staff are amazing! They love the kids and try to make the school
feel like a family. AllN is our motto!
It was overall a good experience, however more focus on getting students more involved in the class would be ideal.
It was has been a pretty good experience with nice opportunities, however the teachers are either really good or really bad with not much in between.
My experience was good until the the school board decided to shut down my high school and having to make me transfer to a new school my senior year in high school. It was an emotionally rough change that I had to endure.
I like how Durham public schools and how they help students but I feel it could be more diverse and more student involvement
Durham Public Schools is diverse and amazing for young learners that are pursuing career technical skills. However, it needs to improve on it's organization in terms of testing and teacher employment
Durham Public Schools does really good with making sure the kids achieve all they can. The system tries to provide many opportunities that will impact their lives in the future.
Diversity, however the teachers and staff could be more involved and show that they actually care about their students
I've been in the Durham public school system since I was in 7th grade. Overall I don't have many complaints about the teachers or the administration at my school ( Jordan ). Mrs. Taylor is a wonderful principle who really cares about all of the students which is nice because our previous principles were not like that. both of the schools I have attended feel really safe and I have never worried about my safety or my friends safety. I really think that DPS has prepared me to be a successful college student as well as a successful member of society.
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I have attended three separate schools within DPS. Although I had an overall good experience, there are some things that could be changed. The school lunch is less than appealing. I feel as though we, as in most students nationwide, are brought u to focus on our grades more than retaining information. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember certain information that we'll need later because of all the information we are bombarded with.
I attend the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, located in Durham. During my time at NCSSM, I have been introduced to faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping students learn new and challenging material. Everyday, I am faced with academic rigour through the many courses that NCSSM offers but I am encouraged to approach the task optimistic.
Most of my teachers are above average, but the administration needs work, especially in dealing with students that come to them wanting to report sexual assault. They fill you with empty promises and need to be held more tightly bound to Title IX for their students' sake.
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