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Durant Independent School District Reviews

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Some of the teachers are gems. Others are not very considerate and have an attitude of superiority. The activities are good for the area but not well-funded.
Durant Independent School District is great! The teachers are so caring and knowledgeable. The students are courteous and always willing to help one another. I am proud to be an alumna!
Durant Independent School District is a safe, friendly environment to receive primary education. However, some of the course work is not rigorous enough to truly prepare students for university.
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Durant was a very good school, however it is way too cliquey and I always felt judged at school. The teachers were awesome, but I feel like the curriculum we used did not prepare us for college as well. After taking concurrent classes, I realized how unprepared I was and Durant did not help with this.
Durant is a small town school where the richer kids get to start in all the sports rather than the ones who have a lot of talent. Teachers a pretty great and so is administration. College readiness was good during my last two years of high school because of the career days they had.
As a student at Durant, I really enjoyed how intimate my relationship with my teachers was. The one thing I would change is the athletic staff and the administrative staff. They are not very friendly and often have a superior attitude to them.
I appreciated the many opportunities Durant students were afforded. I felt very lucky to have the chance to join many clubs and activities. One thing that should be addressed in the Durant school district is the quality of the faculty. The vast majority of my teachers were very well-informed and highly educated. However, because of the dire state that education is currently in, there were a few teachers who had to be hired that did not necessarily teach to the best of their abilities.
We have a great community and the students really unite to try to make this a better place for everyone. I have gone to school in this district my entire life and I am very thankful for that. Through this school district we are taught that we can do anything we want with a little hard work. Just because you might be less fortunate than most you can still go to college and change your life. We are taught to dream big and never give up. Within the past few years our student council has grown tremendously. We have worked very hard and turned things around. Our school moral and happiness has improved amazingly. I am blessed to have been raised in this district. Even though I have overall been happy with it, not everything is perfect. The administration could be better. I wish our principles would try to have an actual relationship with the students. The teachers are amazing and know the students and are involved with their lives but the principles need to be more interactive.
I love being a Durant Lion! I have learned so much academically by being taught by outstanding teachers!
What I like about Durant Independent School District is that the teacher's are not just there to help you when you are just in their class, they will help you outside of their class time. What I also like is that they have a lot of club and activities for you to be apart of. What I would like to see change is the scho not be so focused just on football or sport but also focus of the back and choir that also make up the school, another thst I would like to see change is the school dress code, they bash you for some type of clothing thst isn't even in the dress code handbook.
Durant High School has been a great experience for me because my classmates are very accepting and supportive of me. The school is very strict and is focused mostly on academics to prepare the student for college. The councilors at the school are also very supportive. They try and match you with your interests and are very flexible if your schedule just isn't working. They are very informative when helping you transition to the next class and for me this year to college. The councilors have helped me with college applications and have sent my records to over 5 different schools and have also written me a reference to two different schools. The administration also keeps me feeling very safe, as I'm pursuing my goals of completing my course work to attend college. I'm thankful for my teachers who have willingly listened to my ideas and opinions. I have had a fantastic experience at Durant High School.
Despite instances which seem to indicate a disregard for student welfare, I wouldn't rather have received my post-secondary education from another institution. The omnipresence of fine arts provides a rewarding experience.
My high school focuses on preparing their students for college. The curriculum is phenomenal and the staff is helpful. I am in eight organizations and stay busy and the school helps to make sure I don't get behind in academics.
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