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Durango School District No. 9-R Reviews

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Sometimes the teachers were just as bored as the students. Though I did have a couple teachers that were excited.
The district is fantastic but the food at school is awful. Teachers are nice and learning material is nice, the buildings are clean and stuff but the food tastes gross and doesn’t look clean and is super gross
I loved going to Durango High School. I was a multi-sport athlete, and not only felt successful in high school, but felt so prepared when I started my first year of college. The curriculum was really set up to help me be ready, and teachers were always helping me think about the next step. Not only did I feel ready intellectually, but I felt teachers truly cared about my life outside of school and wanted me to succeed in all areas of life as well! Thank you Durango High School for an amazing high school experience!
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I transferred to Durango my junior year, compared to my last school this school is beyond compare. The resources i have here are amazing, the teachers here actually want to help. If you struggling the teachers notice it right away and offerto stay after school to help.
My experience with the Durango School District No. 9-R has been for the most part fairly exceptional. As a student who has attended Escalante Middle School, two out of the five high school programs that Durango offers, and I'm a Varsity athlete. Throughout my time attending school in the 9-R School District, I have been able to observe multiple aspects of our school district. All public are equipped with counselors. The district may focus on this "disturbing topic" once or twice a year. Our Distric, schools, and parents can not shy away from this topic. I think that the district should hold mandatory "suicide,/bullying awareness and team building activities" once a semester for students in all public schools, 5th grade - 12th grade. Overall the district tries to be accomadationg and dooes a wondeful job managing all of the schools within the 9-R School District.
Durango 9-R is like your typical school district and although I don't always agree on everything that it does it always keeps the students safe. Durango has the loudest and most exciting sports and crowds in a 100 mile radius and are the most fun about the school district. They have amazing teachers that want to help the student not only in the class room but out of the class room as well. Overall I enjoyed my Durango 9-R experience.
My school district is very promising and offers the best opportunities for its student to be able to succeed in whatever they choose to do.
Durango Schools tend to cater towards gifted students more than the average student, which creates an awkward dynamic among peers. Children who aren't considered "gifted" are not provided the same opportunities to excel like one who maybe considered above average is. However, schools are kept clean, safe, and welcoming to visitors. I feel they strive to put their best foot forward. Teachers on the other hand are horribly mistreated by higher ranking staff. As a student who has moved through three Durango 9R schools throughout my academic career, I have witnessed time and time again, over worked, under paid, and disrespected teachers bow their head down to the superintendent and his minions. I believe Durango 9-r is in dire need of a new administration staff in order to create a more harmonious set of schools.
Frequent and substantial budget cuts have significantly diminished the ability of the district to function properly over the past 5 or so years, and high teacher turnover leads to dysfunction in the district.
i loved playing sports at Durango high. My experiences here have been the best 4 years ever. The teachers have taught me so many life tricks that i will use to this day the help me out. The friends i have made here will be some of the best people i have ever met, and i will never loose contact with them.
This is a high quality school district. Small class with a community environment circulating around all schools. Schools encourage students to accept everyone. Teachers try their best to teach all students and meet their needs as best they can, even if they are lacking in resources caused by the district's choice in distributing them. However, some advanced classes are no longer around and schools don't always offer a variety of classes. Sometimes money is put to uses that are not as productive and result in budget cuts that are not needed.
My experience was pretty good I loved all the teachers here and they helped me a lot with getting into a college and with getting my grades up.
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