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First off, the food is absolutely horrible. And the teachers swear more than a sailor on a Tuesday. I swear the janitors are the best part of the whole school. And the new principle, oh boy lemme tell ya, she walks around thinking she's hot sh%$ and as if she owns the place! And when we do lock down drills, jeasus Someone call the 119 because the teachers are just as scared as we are!
I love that they have many classees to chose from. They also like to challange you by having harder classes to take if you wanted.
The teachers aren't the best and the brightest out there or anything, but they genuinely care about the students, as do the janitors, lunch ladies, counselors, and office staff. The school isn't very cliquey and doesn't have much bullying at all. Probably the biggest problem I see in students is lack of respect in romantic relationships.
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Great school and I would recommend that you bring your kids here. Nothing would convince me that it was not a good experience during my four years here.
I graduated from the district in 1988 so it's been a long time. The school district is small. Everyone knows everyone. Class sizes are small. Variety of courses are offered.
My parents both graduated from Durand High School and I had the opportunity to join this school in my 10th grade year. The teachers made the transition easy, they all welcomed me with open arms. The students were overall friendly, besides the occasional mean girl. The academics were great and the sport games were fun. I had a great time here and would allow my children to go there as well!
Durand Schools has a long history of excellence and supremacy over schools around it. The 1900's were a time of prosperity for the small Railroad based town, the district was able to spend much money to the students' educations. However, as the decline of the railroads so came about the town and thus the school has fallen into a slump, which had now placed most its pride into the award winning marching band, which I happen to be a part of. The people of Durand are supportive of the programs within the school and do anything to help the kids.
In our district I really like the teacher involvement with our education. There are so many teachers that want the best for us. Although I do feel that every teacher needs to be on the same page. Growing up I was often told you should have leaned this already. Instead if a student says they don't understand, please take the time to help us understand. Especially if we took the time to ask for help.
Durand is a good school but there are some bullies there and sadly it can get brushed under the carpet.
What i like about Durand Area Schools are the trachers and the enviroment. there are many oppurtunities they give and lots of clubs you can join. Things that i would like to see change is the lunches. not many choices and the quality of the food is very poor.
Ive gone to these schools my entire life then got homeschooled and plan on going back. the people are easy to get along with however there are some things that could be fixed in the system.
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