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Dunlap Community Unit School District No. 323 Reviews

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It really helped me grow as a person and develop good habits for my academics. Teachers helped me learn how to adjust to ways that college professors are going to want things.
Very good as far as small rural schools go, but not very ambitious. Once they have students meeting baseline standards, they will neglect to push students further. Celebrated having an average ACT of 16.
The district is very diverse, there are many teachers who care about their students and are passionate about education. There are also many opportunities that students can take part in, and the district is very good in academics.
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Dunlap High School is a very good school. I learned a lot about myself and devolved lot of skills. The teachers were helpful and easy to approach. The classes were challenging, but teachers were always willing to help students
Very good academically. Some facilities are very outdated (Cafeteria, Soccer Field, Middle School). The overall atmosphere is good and the staff genuinely seem to care about the student's well being.
Now that I have graduated, I am so thankful that I attended Dunlap. The staff is very supportive, and the courses are challenging, but you have freedom to choose courses you will enjoy! The student atmosphere is also really inviting for the most part! I am going to miss everyone.
I have been a student in Dunlap School District for my entire life, and I feel as though my schools and teachers have helped prepare me greatly to be a diverse, experienced leader in both the college I will attend and in my future job. Dunlap presented me with many opportunities to benefit and challenge myself, along with teaching me skills I will use for the rest of my life.
I love that when you go to a Dunlap District School, it's like you are a part of a big family. Everybody knows everybody and it is very comforting. The teachers and administration are amazing and do their best to make the students in the district extremely prepared for their futures.
Being at Dunlap for 4 years was hard because I came in as a new student who lived in the city of Chicago. Here at Dunlap, the education is good and the teachers are always there to help you out with something you don't understand.
My high school experience consists of lots of caffeine, sleepless nights, and the best memories of my incredible friends. The teachers at Dunlap are friendly and always willing to help a struggling student meanwhile teaching them how to become independent and become successful for college. The administration is top-notch, with a principal and vice principal heavily-involved in the high school's extracurriculars with counselors that are genuinely concerned for the overall well-being of their students. Moreover, the grade schools and 2 middle schools within the district are also well up to par with the ever-changing advancements in technology, making learning the wondrous journey it should be. Alas, I am currently a freshman in college trying to practice the life lessons my teachers helped to instill and it was my pleasure to write this review over one of the best high schools in the nation. Go Eagles!
Dunlap High School is excellent. Academics are amazing, and great emphasis pn the arts and special needs. Sports are up and coming - wishing they would put a bit more emphasis there.
I’ve had an overall great experience in the school district! I’ve been in the district since 4th grade and I can honestly say that it has helped shape me as a strong leader in my community. They prepare you from the beginning!
I had a couple of teachers at Dunlap that stood out to me. Overall, I think that this is one of the best districts in the area. Faculty are excellent and so are the students.
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