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I would like to see more guidance involvement when it comes to choosing a college and planning your high school career. Many students here have poor attitudes and staff do not do enough to correct the behavior. The school only started taking bullying seriously when I was in 8th grade, and even then I feel like they had favorites forcwhich kids to help. Academics here help with college readiness, but the science department needs help, specifically chemistry.
I have only been attending public schools since starting high school, however it is obvious to me that Duneland is at the top of its class. The entire staff at CHS is devoted to helping students do their best and reach their full potential, as well as creating a strong community environment.
The teachers not only encourage their students to succeed, they allow their students to cultivate goals, ideas, and talents. Everyone from the janitor staff to the assistant principals provide support and warm/personable interactions.
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The teachers are amazing , and support us through everything we need. The school supplies us with the important things that we need to be successful. They encourage us to be a part of clubs and other activities and highly advise us to find out niche. They do an outstanding job at keeping us safe and feeling at home here at Chesterton High School.
Duneland School is a very good school district. They have a lot of learning opportunities that help students grow. They are very friendly people and actually care about their students.
The food has gone down in the last few years but overall my experience in the dune land corporation has been very pleasant. More AP courses should be available and dual credit courses being able to transfer to any state or college would be much more helpful.
I feel the academic program is excellent and all of my teachers in high school have been extremely helpful and want to see me succeed. The principal and vice principal at the middle school were terribly rude and didn't involve themselves with the students at all unless they felt they were supreme athletes. The middle school is totally biased and I feel that is wrong for children especially at that age. However, in intermediate, elementary, and high school it has been very interesting for me so far.
My experience with Duneland Schools was always positive. The academics were excellent, as I was always being challenged and learning a lot in my classes. My only complaint has to be the english preparation, and athletics.
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