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I have been apart of the Dumas school district since pre-k. I review this school as a pretty good one. The only thing wrong with this school is the teachers in high school don’t actually teach it seems like. I am a senior at Dumas high school and none of my classes this year have taught me anything. I go to school for attendance it seems like and that’s not good for me in the long run. I will not be prepared for college. Although that is a big issue the schools are very safe and have good people working in them.
My Dumas high school experience is excellent. The faculty is very engaged with students, and we strive for excellence. There are great incentives for the great work that is done by students. Dumas High School has provided with a great education. I feel there isn't change necessary for this school, because this school exemplifies the correct way a school should be.
I liked the fact that the principal and everyone on the school campus thought of ways to insure better school safety.
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I have been at Dumas High School the past three years. Since I have been here, there has been many changes. There are things I like and things I wish were different. Dumas High School has been a Open Campus School for years; however, this year they closed the campus so we have to stay at school during lunch. The school has also installed more cameras and has become very strict on the traffic in the hallway. I wish they would give the students more freedom but I understand their reasoning certain changes. There are things at Dumas High School I enjoy as well. The teachers and facility really try to help and show an interest in the well being and future of students.
Dumas Public Schools will create world-class citizens who achieve high standards in a safe, challenging, educational environment.We work together to confront the major health and nutrition challenges that our district and the surrounding communities face. These include issues as diverse as: the district's overall wellness index, childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, diets for students with special needs, food insecurities, the monitoring of lunch menus, and a broad range of other topics. We meet quarterly and our meetings are open to visitors. Dumas School District is a public school district located in Dumas, AR. It has 1,409 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1. According to state test scores, 29% of students are at least proficient in math and 33% in reading.
I had a great experience at Dumas High School. It was diversity! The teachers were great! They prepared me for college readiness at the age of sixteen.
Dumas High School is one of a kind. Everyone you meet treats you like family and you learn new thing everyday.
The school is horrible . The students don't learn anything. Teachers are never at school. Teachers sleep and be on their phone most of the time. Teachers don't want to teach they just think of discipline. The school is very nasty. The janitors don't clean at all. Rats and roaches mold is everywhere. The teachers aren't fair at all racism, family, and friends is a big part of this of this school. Administration is terrible. This school really needs help!
Dumas High School Is a very fun and proactive school. Many of the students there interact with many of the student programs that are available here at the school. We have students that graduate and end up going all over the world for careers like doctors, dentists, programmers, engineers, teachers, etc.. The things I'd like to see would be more interactions between teachers and students.
My experience in Dumas High School was very poor. The teachers don't pay enough attention to their students and the classes are smashed together making it difficult to stay on task. The lunch is ridiculous! They call it "southern homemade meals" but it more like their stones are bricks and that's breakfast 3 out of the 5 days students are there. Honestly someone of higher management need to step in a take a look at things.
I love how environmental friendly our school is. We have a lot of opportunities to do good in areas other than academics. If I change anything about the school, it would be the "selection". We need a volleyball and swim team. We need a French class. More options , more opportunity.
I am a recent graduate of Dumas High School. My experience at Dumas High school was wonderful. They not only prepare you for college,but they also prepare you for life in the real world.
All my years attending Dumas School District has been an amazing journey I've learned several things and still learning while I'm attending Dumas High School. Dumas High School has become a new tech school where we do mostly our school work and other things on the laptops that the school provide for everyone. I believe Dumas School District can become better if the students be involve more the activities that they provide for us like pep rallies, career fairs, and many more
My school focuses on academics greatly, they teach us though a system called echo . Our teachers are very hands on ,observant,and giving . My teachers make me feel safe and I know that I can talk to them about anything.
What I like most about my school has to be the way the staff try to get students and parents involved in different activities at school. There are different events that are held throughout the year which makes it really fun. What I don't like maybe some of the things I have known to happen when students graduate early , they lose most of their scholarships in which I believe that is not right. If the students weren't given the full disclosure of the information of them losing their monies for college then it is totally messed up. I knew students in the past graduating classes that this has happen. My overall experience has been great. I really wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world.
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