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I really enjoy the energy of the school. It has a very open attitude that pushes you to be the best you can be at whatever it is you want to do. There are some issues with bullying but that is going to happen no matter where you are. I really loved this school though.
I really enjoyed Dumas High school becauses they helped become a better student. They also help me become a better person by preparing me for the future.
My highschool, Dumas HighSchool cares about their students they show that they care about us and our futures. They show so much passion and effort towards us and our education. The administrators and teachers but us before themselves. The teachers stay hours after school to stay and help students who are in need of help. For example a teacher of mine, Mr.Sharp made an incredible gesture. There was a huge test coming up and he decided he would come in an hour earlier to school to come and set up a study session. Even though he lives an hour away from Dumas. He also bought us donuts made coffee and some kind of egg scramble. He did that because he cares about us and our grades. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better faculty in our school it’s the best in Texas for sure.
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It is an amazing school, that really cares about their students and will definitely miss this place.
I liked how everyone got along, no matter what you looked like or how you dressed. Its like we were one big family. There was alot of diversity, which was awesome. We learned alot about each other. Great schools.
Dumas is a great community, with great schools that provide excellent resources so that students are able to learn and remain committed to bettering their education. I was only enrolled in the Dumas School District during my sophomore through senior year, and yet I still feel like Dumas High School has given me a sense of belonging, and it feels like a home away from home.
Dumas is my home. Highschool is always going to be a bit tough, however Dumas Highschool has given me many opportunities. I feel like I have become close to my teachers and I feel safe to tell them my problems. Bullying is something that won't be tolerated and I've always respected that. Once I got to highschool there wasn't much bullying or teasing. There was a more accepting atmosphere. Everyone is trying to find themselves.
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