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Dudley-Charlton Regional School District Reviews

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The teachers were commonly very supportive to the students in both their academic and personal lifes. I felt this school district gave a diverse education with many opportunities for students of all different intrests.
I attend the dcrsd I am currently a junior in high school and have been here since 8th grade. One thing I pride the school district in is school spirit everyone is a ram ! Unfortunately the schools district transition from middle school to high school isn't the smoothest especially considering work load . In the highschool their is a huge amount of hardworking students but the school is also struggling with a drug issue . In the highschool there are great teachers but there are also loads of teachers who do not teach at all and just over load students with work the school does a terrible job on firing or addressing teachers who do not properly educate students . Also overall the school is not aesthetically pleasing it was built in 1973 and has never been remodeled its easy to say that the school is ugly . The school also does not have ac this is probably my least favorite thing about the school . Dcrsd great staff great pride but has a lot of problems to address
I live in Charlton and attended Shepherd Hill Regional High school. I loved my teachers, had an awesome experience in school. The sports games were always so fun because of the amount of school spirit the students had. Friday night football games were like no other.
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The schools here are great! The teachers are above average and they really care about the students. The high school offers a multitude of classes for students to take to explore different classes that other schools don't offer. They have a large art department, as well as a large music department. The athletics are fantastic and the school is generally very supportive of everyone!
I have been in the Dudley-Charlton Regional school district my entire life and have been lucky enough to have the experiences that I have had while in the school system. Throughout my middle school career I had an extremely difficult time at home, my mother was sick and I was responsible of taking care of the house, the teachers and other staff at Dudley Middle were so understanding, supportive and always knew what I needed. I am proud to say I will be graduating from Shepherd Hill this June with a 3.8 GPA and an acceptance letter to my dream school, Mount Ida college. My grades would have never reached their full potential and I probably wouldn't have gotten into Ida if it weren't for the supportive and knowledgeable staff that my school offers.
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