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There is not much Ethnic Diversity, however, their learning is based around the students and it is an overall friendly environment. From sports to academics, Duchesne dominates the fields helps and encourages students to strive, develop, and be the best they can be.
I wish we had more resources to take more concurrent enrollment college classes. I have taken a few but feel our district is limited. I also think we need more teachers so we can have the opportunity to learn all subjects we find important not just the subjects they tell us are important.
My district administrators do a fantastic job of having personal (but respectable) relationships with each student. They can see someone in the hallway, and be able to not only know them by name but know their interests, current events, and any possible inside jokes. They try to attend every high school level game, performance or activity possible, and as a result, it shows the student body that they truly care. I know that I will stay in touch with some administrators after high school because I have become so close to them. I am grateful for a district that is always trying.
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I would like to see academics rated higher than sports in high school. Academics seems to take a back seat to sports & the sports programs are not excelling.
When it comes to Duchesne School District, I love how each school is so united. What I would like to see change is how much the different schools in the district are united. Each school hates the other schools in the district and I think it would be nice to see them all come together.
Teachers get to know students on a personal level. Makes students want to learn because they are being taught by friends, not just random people.
High school is an important place, although while spending your day indoors and in a desk all day might not seem important, it is one the best experiences you'll have in your life. You can make friendships that will shape the way you are when you grow up, if your serious and apply yourself you can make a jumpstart on what you want to do with your life.
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