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DuBois Area School District Reviews

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I like the teachers and classes. I loved playing sports at DuBois Area High School. I also loved the attitude of the students and teachers.
My experience is DuBois Area High School has been pretty decent. All the teachers I had were always good to me. I know that a lot of the administration let things slide that were not okay in any way. This school has made me close with a lot of people I would never expect to be friends with, and I've had lots of laughs while attending.
DuBois Area Senior High wasn't an awful school to attend. I graduated a few years ago, but while I was there I became very close with each of my teachers and did relatively well. The lunch choices weren't too bad either. The cheesesticks were one of my favorites. I also really enjoyed the extra classes outside of the core ones. Wood shop with Ginther was a blast! I learned a lot from that class that I actually still use today.
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DuBois Area School District is a pretty good school. It is not a large, but it is not to small either. The teachers are always available to help students succeed. I don't like that student are pushed towards stem class if they are smart and the lower level students don't have to try as hard as everyone else. The town that the school is located at has a drug problem and I feel that student are not held accountable for their actions. I have a good friend group, so I do not have to be around the bad students of the school.
My experience here at the high school, has been one of the best times in my life so far! I didn't believe people when they said that high school is going to be the best and worst four years of your life. The worst is the stress. Although it is so rewarding in the end. You know you stress because you can do better. I like the teachers because they believe in you and help you through the high school.
The only thing I can say about DuBois Area School District is that everyone in the district is a family. Everyone including administration, teachers, and students treat one another as family member.
Pretty good academically, some teachers are better than others. Currently not in school because of mold issue at DAHS.
I have several children in the school district, have had good experience with communication and involvement with teachers.
Challenging AP classes, knowledgeable and involved teachers, opportunities for various clubs, sports, and other activities.
I think that overall, DuBois Area School District is a great school. It's a pretty small public school which is good because it allows for small class sizes which means the teacher can focus on each individual student and help them. Also, the teachers are great and are very helpful. However, the funding for the school keeps on getting cut. It's sad because we're low on supplies and some teachers have been let go. I would like to see funding increase for the school so we could get some more supplies and more opportunities.
The school district is pretty nice. All the teacher work with the kids to make sure they pass each grade level. Whenever you need help they will help you. They are always there for their students and always put them first. There are so many opportunities for people to be a part of something at the school. When you get to high school you can choose any electives you want. What I want changed is if people sign up for a sport they should be automatically on the team and should try out for a sport. Also I want the $50.00 for parking and participating in a sport to be abolished. Other schools in our area don't do these kinds of things. Other than that DuBois is amazing
It was an awesome experience with the teachers and the students that helped me through getting a great education to be able to achieve my goals
I liked how the teachers were ready to help you succeed. They were usually available to give you extra help if you needed it. The environment was welcoming and enjoyable.
The teachersreally care for you. The administration and school board..... tthat's a different story. They are not supportive of the students. They also only care about football. There are many good athletes in the district but the athletes don't have the support from the district.
I liked all the classes they offered. The clubs in this school are not very well organized. There are a lot of students so your class could have 9 people or 25 people in it. We have a lot of drug and alcohol problems. We also have lots of bullying that I do not see the teachers take care of. We also have students who are on their phone the entire class without teachers saying anything to them.
Honestly my experience was enjoyable. The teachers are the best perk about DuBois Area School District. The teachers are so nice and helpful in every grade I attended here. I would change the curriculum somewhat, I believe some of the information we learn is a little extra and useless.
There is a lot of focus on football, I was on a different sports team, and it seem that any money that was designated to improve the sports went to football and only football.
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I liked the close community and high interaction with the teachers. I also loved the variety of sports and clubs that were available.
The best thing about DAHS is the caring and dedicated staff...always willing to go the extra mile to help a student succeed.
There are lots of great classes and opportunities at this school district. From my personal experience, I believe that i am well prepared for college.
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