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Duarte Unified School District Reviews

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The Duarte unified school district has always been there for me and my family! They allow children to join sports which taught me teamwork as a young child and give awards to the children with high academic status. I believe this is a good thing because it helps students want to do better.
My experience in the Duarte Unified School District thus far has been very positive and with lots of satisfaction. Whether it is the staff or just simply the community, the Duarte Unified School District in whole is quite welcoming and essentially a place I can call my second home.
Duarte High School is very unique in many ways. It is nothing like other schools. Not only is there a wide selection of club or activities to be involved in, but there is also a rich and fulfilling way the teachers teach their students. Although there needs improvement with the involvement of parents, they are overall an excellent school. I had a great experience with this school in felling welcome as well as making sure I am involved in the school programs.
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I’ve learned a lot, and had many caring teachers. The grading system is a bit strange, but it takes some getting used to. The majority of the staff actually care about the students.
From my freshman year to my senior year, a lot has changed. New, better techers have been introduced and programs offered by the school have gotten much better. The high school has changed for the better.
I have been in the Duarte Unified School District since kindergarten. In this district we want students to be analytical thinkers and problem solvers. They encourage us to think deeply about the topics at hand and find connections. We are encouraged to be socially responsible. It is important that we are reflective communicators so that we can easily talk about any topic. Through the use of technology, we are knowledgeable 21st century learners.
Duarte high school is a very small school. I love my experience there so far for being there my full four years. The only thing I do not like is that some older teachers show no interest in teaching and the counselors do not help the students with classes and expectations in order to graduate. My only concern is that they wont help students who will be the first to attend college with applying to college ( transcripts, SAT, ACT etc.). Our school is not strict at all and teachers set no boundaries, and as a student myself, i feel like they don't care for our education and that we aren't being prepared for college. Overall, my school, students, and staff there are friendly and everyone knows each other. Its like a big family!
Duarte High School is a small school compared to the other schools around Duarte. I think the staff and teachers are very kind especially the principle. The teachers work hard to teach the students so they can prepare themselves for college.
I am proud to be an alumni from Duarte High School. In my honest opinion, the school has a lot of resources in order for one to become a great student. Although, one problem that may be found in this school and in many others, is the lack of attention they give to students who are failing and don't have a strong purpose in pursuing an education. I'm not saying that the faculty or admin is at fault, but not every teacher there is as caring and supportive as the teachers I've had. I know for a fact that every art/ fine arts teacher was very supportive and truly inspired me, because I've taken a class with every one of them in my four years there. To be honest, I could only remember a few teachers that weren't as supportive as the teachers that helped paved the way for my education. I just wish all the teachers there had a strong will to encourage every student, especially the students who don't believe in themselves.
Overall it's a great school, but some administrative aspects could be changed as well as more focus on equality within each sport and not only the featured ones.
Overall, my experience at Duarte Unified was a positive one. It could have been a lot worst but it surely could have been better with a secure, reliable, and efficient administration. It took the school some years to become consistant. Within the last 4 years, there were 4 new sets of administrators. All which took different approaches and effected the entire staff and students.
My experience at Duarte Unified School District has been great. I have learned a lot from different teachers through many different learning styles. But, I want to see improvement in a sense that the district offering more variety of academic classes, electives and extra-curricular activities. I believe as a student if you make school fun and enjoyable it will impact the students wanting to come to school everyday and be involved.
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